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The best dog video collection online

Updated on February 23, 2011

Few things can brighten a day and lighten your mood than an entertaining dog video. If you are a dog owner yourself you'll know that all dogs have a trick or characteristic that has the potential to 'go viral' if captured on video and posted onto the Internet.

We have scoured the Internet with the intention of compiling a collection of the best dog videos. From the daft dog showing its incredibly realistic and dramatic response to the 'play dead' command to the intelligence and athleticism of the the border collies playing extreme Frisbee, there is a dog video to entertain you. Our personal favourite is seeing the sheer joy that Lexi the surfer clearly gets from a day at the beach. A far cry from traditional canine activities, this dog video shows just why so many dogs and their owners are so inseparable.

We'll start with a brilliant short dog video. It shows that dogs are capable of spontaneously increasing the amusement of a trick unintentionally. You have probably seen plenty of dogs that are good at 'playing dead', but have you seen one that so convincingly takes a small sideways shuffle before keeling over? A dog video straight from Hollywood!


If like me you spent hours as a kid trying to learn to skateboard before frustration forced you to give up then you may find this dog video quite depressing. Not only has this incredibly talented dog learnt to push and ride a skateboard but has also mastered turning as he weaves in and around other skateboarders! This clever pooch and his skateboard antics make a brilliant dog video.


So many dogs spend lots of their time awake chasing. Chasing balls, chasing their owners, chasing other animals and even the postman! In this dog video, Bizkit shows that chasing isn't just reserved for being awake! In this dog video we see a sleep walk turn into a sleep run that only ends with an unexpected meeting between wall and dog! Ouch! I challenge you not to have a giggle at the expense of this unfortunate dog!

If you have been trying to train your dog with little success or need some motivation as to what can be achieved, then let this dog video of Shakti inspire you.As impressive as each of the commands is, it is the range and variety of tricks that truly impresses. Shakti clearly loves the time she spends training and the anticipation of each command is great to watch. you'll find it hard to choose a favourite trick from this dog video.

I stumbled across this next dog video whilst researching for this article.Many dogs enjoy chasing and catching Frisbees, but the talented dogs here are remarkable. They seem to instinctively chase and catch multiple discs. They appear to find the next Frisbee with barely a glance, catching each one impossibly fast. Combine this with well thought out, clever production and camera angles and you have a dog video that will have you hitting replay over and over!

The final choice for any collection of best dog videos has to be Lexi the surfing dog. Lexi isnt the only dog to be video'd out on the waves. However, she shows such passion and enjoyment of the sport that this has to be the pick of the bunch. Enjoy this video of Lexi learning to surf for the first time!


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