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The Best Pet

Updated on February 23, 2015

The Best Pet

Dogs, they are the best pet you could ever have, always there for you and always ready to play! They can be trained to protect, trained to do tricks or trained just to behave. Although they aren't always very bright, which is why they're so fun to have them around. And when they're puppies they are so much fun, they stumble around biting at each others heels! And the variety of dogs is amazing, they have a miniature of just about every type of dog, and pure breeds are even cooler to have. So if you want a pet and don't know what to get, consider getting a dog!

Training your dog

There is lots of training involved in the first few months of the puppies life, first and foremost he should be house trained, and as you can see i have provided a few links to tell you how to do that (there are lots of ways to house break you dog, these are not the only way!). Next you should teach him to sit and stay. When training your dog to do something its always good to use a lot of good boy if he, or she, does it correctly, but make sure he knows he's, or she's, done something wrong (you'll know when his ears pin back and tucks his tail) by saying "no" or "bad dog" louder that you usually would (don't traumatize him by screaming going berserk). So if you want him to sit,while forcing his, or her, rear end on the ground, say sit over and over again and when he, or she, gets up say "no" or "bad boy/girl" and do it again. Also try to get her, or him, to stay like this as well.

Keeping your dog healthy

Dogs need some type of exercise to keep them trim and healthy, this is even more important with bigger dogs because they are bigger and if his weight is not watched it is dangerous (for the dog) to have and obese dog. There is really only one thing you can do, and that is walking the dog, now if he, or she, is an outside dog and doesn't come inside, then you don't really need to because he, or she, will be running around chasing stuff anyway. And don't over feed the dog either, if he, or she, looks a little skinny give him, or her, more to eat but if not just keep giving him, or her, the same amount of food you've always have. Of course you can always play with your dog but I don't really see that as work or anything just have fun playing with him, or her.

Things to do with your dog

Most dogs aren't very bright and therefor it is fun to mess with them!(nothing that will hurt your dog, just something that makes it do something stupid or look confused) Different dogs react to different things so something that confuses my dog might not confuse yours, which always makes it so much more funny when out of the blue your dog is doing something stupid! But aside from tricking your dog, you can always take him for a walk, or watch TV with it. They are always there beside you, ready to do whatever you are doing at that moment, and if that involves food then you will know that it will be begging at your feet.

Which dog is better for you?

There are many types of dogs, large dogs, little dogs, smart dogs, dumb dogs, quiet dogs, loud dogs, I think you get the point. So which one should you pick? thankfully money isn't a huge problem if you have money for one dog it doesn't matter the type ( but, obviously a bigger dogs is going to eat more). But what would you like you dog act like? Would you like a dog to do certain tasks like hunting or train it to be an attack dog, or would you rather it to be just a lay around the house and play with it? And you should look at how active or crazy it is, if you want a more slow moving, laid back dog you should chose a bulldog, if you want one with some energy than a Chihuahua is the dog for you. But you could chose one based on its looks, that's ok too! And there are dogs that don't shed either if that's a priority. So there are many dogs to chose from, you should definitely do some research to find the right one for you!

What is your favorite breed?

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    • alexanderwhite199 profile image

      alexanderwhite199 3 years ago

      cool! I have a mutt and he's really fun to have around

    • Prabhjot Saini profile image

      Prabhjot 3 years ago from Delhi, India

      Yes they are the best pets ever. I have a boxer and a dachshund, and I love them a lot