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The Best Small Pets for Kids

Updated on October 8, 2017

Small pets and Kids

You have most likely heard or even asked the question. The one that comes every holiday. Yes, the feared, " can I get a pet?". Well, can they? It is a question every parent has had a talk about. And, in truth, each lifestyle is good for a different pet. I'm just here to tell you some of the best ones for both kids and adults.

A Girl and her Cuddly Pet

This child is learning love and trust from her rabbit buddy.
This child is learning love and trust from her rabbit buddy. | Source

Be ready

Before you bring a new pet into your life, make sure you can handle it. You will need an cage and lots of food and toys, not to mention the vet bill. Also, don't give an animal as a pet unless you are sure the owner-to-be can care for the pet. And, don't just buy some supplies and a pet. You need to do some research. Start by reading this article.

Bunny Rabbits

Who can say no to such a cute, kid friendly, fur ball. They are great with kids and come is so many different breeds. They will need a pretty large cage or you an let them roam free. While they can live outdoors, I would suggest keeping them inside. They will need food, hey, toys, and not much else. If you want a bunny, get one from a rescue or shelter. You can save money and sometimes get a bonded pair. Just remember, they are delicate, and young kids should never be left alone with the the rabbit. Older kids can watch the rabbit on their own.

Get a big cage for your rabbit!

Most pet store cages are much too small. The only time your rabbit can live in a pet store cage is if it is only used as a home base for a free range rabbit. The bunny's cage should be 4 times the size of the bunny.


Rats are a great pet for older kids. They are smart and social. Keep rats in a group if possible. Rats will breed so make the group one gender only. Also, rats can bite so younger kids might not be able to handle that. Rats are cheep to buy and to keep. Just make sure your cage is the right size. Rats should be able to climb and need lots of toys for stimulation. The only issue is food. Most pet store food id not good enough for your rat to live on.

Proper Rat Food Mix

(click column header to sort results)
Cooked Pasta  
Chicken or Vegtables  
Classic Cut Oats  
1 rat-1/4 cup
1 rat-3 ounces
1 rat-1/4 cup
2 rats-1/2 cup
2 rats- 6 ounces
2 rats-1/2 cup
3 or more-1 cup
3 or more- 9 ounces
3 or more- 1 cup
Rats need a mix of different food. Feel free to make your own mix.

Why I don't like Hamsters

Hamsters can nip, only live for a few years, are not very cuddly,and it is hard to find a cage that is good for a hamster to live in.
Hamsters can nip, only live for a few years, are not very cuddly,and it is hard to find a cage that is good for a hamster to live in. | Source

Adopt from a Shelter

No matter what animal you get, it is better, and cheaper, to adopt. You can find animals who need homes in shelters, in ads, and online. And don't worry, many animals are in good health when they are put in shelters.

Guinea Pigs

These little guys make great pets for kids and adults alike. They are social, adventures, and playful. The only problem is the cage. You will need to make a D.I.Y cage or buy one offline. other then that, they are great pets. You will need to keep them in groups of two or more. Make sure the groups are one gender or that the males are fixed.

Guinea Pig

He is so cute!!!
He is so cute!!! | Source

Bearded Dragons

They are the only reptile I would say it is ok to give to kids. They will need a lot of supplies.

  • A 40 gallon tank ( or larger)
  • A UV light
  • A basking light
  • Crickets
  • Fresh vegtables
  • A den
  • Flooring
  • A basking spot

Bearded dragons are loving, can be held, and live for about 12 years.

Bearded Dragon Care

© 2017 June Megley


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