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Shocking! How a live Croc made a Plane to Crash

Updated on January 29, 2015

Who's the real villain?

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Pilot Chris Wilson, 39The ill-fated plane that crashed on Aug. 25, 2010 in Bandundu is similar to this.The Croc that caused the plane to crashPlane crash site near Bandundu airport
Pilot Chris Wilson, 39
Pilot Chris Wilson, 39
The ill-fated plane that crashed on Aug. 25, 2010 in Bandundu is similar to this.
The ill-fated plane that crashed on Aug. 25, 2010 in Bandundu is similar to this.
The Croc that caused the plane to crash
The Croc that caused the plane to crash
Plane crash site near Bandundu airport
Plane crash site near Bandundu airport


Let’s devote a few seconds to offer a solemn prayer for the eternal repose of these innocent air victims who have perished all because of man’s foolishness to smuggle a live crocodile in a plane. God- give them peace. Amen!

A croc escapes

Here is the horrible tale.

As the small aircraft began its descent for the landing in Bandundu, the terrified flight stewardess and passengers shriek at the top of their voices and ran for their lives upon seeing the concealed crocodile wriggling and escaping from a passenger’s sports bag

Passengers converge in the cockpit

Seeing no other way to escape harm, the startled passengers followed the equally panicky airline hostess from the cabin to the cockpit. The concentration of people in the cockpit proved disastrous. It added extra weight to the cockpit causing the plane to fly off-balance.

Pilot loses control

Tragedy strikes despite the heroic efforts of the pilot on the controls, the plane spins and smashes an empty house some 100 meters distance from its destination, said the report

Scene of disaster

Rescuers rushed to the scene of tragedy. They found and reported 20 dead bodies of passengers and crew including First Officer British Chris Wilson, 39, and Belgian pilot and owner of the plane Danny Philemotte, 62. They likewise discovered among the plane and house wreckage 1 live passenger-survivor and the crocodile which causes the trouble also alive. They smashed the unsuspecting reptile with a machete.

The lone survivor tells the story

The ill-fated aircraft plummeted down with no mechanical trouble. The passenger who survived the crash lived to tell everything to the investigators. He testified it was the crocodile that sparked the stampede in the cabin when it escaped from a sports bag where it was smuggled in by a passenger who was planning to sell it.


The plane that crashed was a Czech-made LET L-410 Turbolet which flew that day of August 25, 2010 from the Congo Capital of Kinshasa bound for the airport of Bandundu.

Lesson: Strict confiscation of illegal and smuggled things must be enforced before passengers are permitted to board aircraft to forestall future tragedies.

Source: The Telegraph


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