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The Joy of Cats. Maine Coons, and Norwegian Forest breeds

Updated on January 23, 2014


Naps, enjoying the warm grass
Naps, enjoying the warm grass
Naps sitting on his favorite shelf
Naps sitting on his favorite shelf
Naps with his brother Santapaws
Naps with his brother Santapaws

Characteristics of Norwegian and Maine Coon cats

  • Great cat for first time cat owners
  • Friendly, loving, affectionate
  • Tolerates children and dogs very well
  • Intelligent
  • Also, does well being a "solo" pet
  • Low fur maintenance
  • Very nice temperament
  • Large and furry, showy and beautiful
  • Prone to heart conditions, have your pet checked regularly for heart problems

The Norwegian Forest cat

This HUB is dedicated to my late Norwegian Forest, Poly cat. He was not full bred Norwegian, and I believe part Maine Coon,but he was by far the most special cat I've ever had the privilege to care for. Since his passing, my family has a new member that is Maine Coon, his name is Henry.

Naps was my special boy. I found him by a fence, living near a ditch. He had very long dreaded fur on his back, and used to love sleeping by the fence, so he got the name Naps (fence, hair, get it?). Anyhow, he was a bit wild because he was an abandoned cat. It took him about 3 months to warm up to me. I fell in love with him instantly. He would follow me, come to me when I called him. He loved to climb trees. He had extra toes (Poly), he was very playful and very much a "Tomcat", he would sit up on his hind legs, head butt you, and although he didn't love to much affection, he always welcomed a good patting. Naps was in my life for a short time, and eventually he died in my arms of a heart condition. I will never have a cat with as much personality as he had. He was my "cat dog", my husband says that he really let his personality shine for me. Since Naps was a mix, he was more aggressive and adventurous than any cat I've ever had, and I'm sure he had many health ailments from living in a ditch until he adopted me. He did see our regular family vet and was cared for very well once he joined our family, but since cats tend to live shorter lives when they are outdoors, please consider keeping your furry friends inside. Naps was my happy wild man! Although I am eternally grateful to have had him, I will miss him forever.

Have you ever wondered what the right pet for you and your family may be? Do you love dogs but not have the time for walking, boarding, and all the attention they need? Then a Norwegian Forest cat or Maine Coon cat may be the breed for you.

These cat breeds are one of a kind. Typically from a breeder, expect to spend $800 or more on a purebred kitten. But you don't need to do that, lots of animal rescues are a good place to look for a cat like these.

Norwegian and Maine Coon breeds will play catch, follow you around the house (like a dog), not be overly demanding always wanting to sit on your lap, or nag for to much attention.

Norwegian Forest and Main Coons are two of the largest domestic cat breeds, it's not uncommon for a male to reach upwards and over 26 lbs, and they typically reach their full size within 3-5 years. These cats are playful, loving, and have a very clownish nature, and are slower to "mature", so they always retain a playful nature. They are typically good with children and other dogs and cats.

As always, provide your kitty with quality food, fresh water, grooming, regular vet visits, and plenty of love and you'll have a loving companion for many years.

Please visit

Cute Coon Kittens
Cute Coon Kittens

Maine Coon Cat Nation

My most favorite Maine Coon cat website is Maine Coon Cat Nation. Check it out! You'll love it.


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