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The secrets of a dog's thoughts

Updated on May 13, 2012

Dog's Psychology

To understand and read a dog's thoughts and what they are thinking is to observe and study their body action.Their barking sound , expressions and actions in certain situations. When my dog is hungry or when he see us preparing his food he will start to get excited and his thoughts is focus on his food only. If after preparing the food and not giving it to him right away to eat , he will start to bark to let you know he is hungry and wants his food now .

Dogs use barking to communicate their thoughts to you and their barking can be soft or hard or persistent , when they are demanding their barking will be very persistent and nonstop. If they sense something is wrong or in danger they also use barking to let you know , is their natural animal instinct. Or when they wanted to go out for their daily walks and their barking will become demanding and persistent if you delay in taking them out.

Once there is this person who offer to help do a project and keep insisting he will not charge anything and when he came to the house , my dog keep barking at him nonstop though not in an aggressive manner but others who came by to fix things in the house like servicing air conditioner etc , my dog never bark at them. I was wondering why he keep barking at this particular person and in the end he has an ulterior motive for helping to do the project and wanted some money in return so my dog already could sense his intention that is why he keep barking at him to inform that this person has a motive behind for helping. Dogs has very sharp sense of instinct in detecting things and will convey their thoughts to us by barking hoping we can understand their language.

In the morning the first thing he see me is to wag his tail even he is lying down on the floor. Is to tell you , he is happy to see you and using his tail to show you how he feel. When you speak to him , he will also move his ears to show you he is listening to what you are saying and his eyes will look at you to tell you he understand what you are trying to tell him. When they are sick or not well , they will refuse to eat and behave lethargic. This is how you will know your dog is not well or need to consult a vet. When he scratch his body too much means he has skin allergic or probably have fleas hidden in his body. When he is shaking his head vigorously or pressing it down to the floor to try and rub , it could means his ears itch and has some infection and he is feeling uncomfortable. These are some actions of discomfort he will do when he is not feeling well.  My dog will also show his appreciation when i give him bones and ask him to dance , he will start to move his body and jump a little higher to show how happy he is to get his treats. This is his way of showing and telling you he is happy. That's how you know whether your dog is happy , sad or not well by noticing all the signs that he project out to communicate his thoughts by body actions.


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