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The Girls Picks For Tricks (and other thinkin' things :o)

Updated on January 13, 2013

Finding fun in Equine Education

Being slightly more cerebral than the Moo Crew, The Girls opted to have their own lens that focused on more important matters like training. Taya, however, privately admitted that Racing Stripes and Dreamer were her very favorite movies; and she thought Hidalgo was pretty handsome too :o)

My daughter made a fantastic set of three pedestals (2 square, 1 oblong) for me as a very special Christmas present, and we painted them a festive shade of blue (horses see blue the best). This lens contains various items from our equine library [chosen by The Girls] that prove that you can be productive AND have fun training all at the same time; is that cool or what? The photos are of The Girls seeing (sniffing and snorting :o) their new pedestals for the first time....

Rina Raves About...

ALLEN POGUE of Imagine A Horse breaks everything down in his videos and makes it possible even for amateur horses (Rina is a hesitant beginner :o) Trick Training One teaches the bow, the Obeisance, and how to kneel; Trick Training Two picks up where One left off with the Lay Down, Sit Up, and Sit Down; the Trick Training Manual encompasses all of the instructions for Pedestal work, Jambette, Obeisance, Bow, Kneel, Lay Down, Sit Up, Sit Down, the Smile, Rolling the Big Ball and more.

KLAUS HEMPFLING offers a series of books and videos that help enhance communication between horse and human, with a focus on body language (my favorite subject).

Watch Allen Pogue in action - Can't you just imagine??

Lady Likes...

MARK RASHID who offers some wonderful information on "finding the try". Being our eldest and most reluctant pupil, Lady has decided that Mr. Rashid is definitely on to something here...sometimes her tries are so small they are barely perceptible (but we're finding them now!)

MONTY ROBERTS She stated that she definitely liked Mr. Robert's methods of working with horses in his DVDs (not that she needs to be fixed, mind you, as that implies there is something wrong with her...) and his taming of the wild horse "Shy Boy" was nothing short of amazing.

KLAUS HEMPFLING Helps to rebuild trust in a horse's heart; even those that do not seem to be even the slightest bit willing.

Lorenzo the Flying Frenchman - OO-La-La

Bella Believes In...

ALLEN POGUE of Imagine A Horse offers teachable routines in Liberty Training One and Two. As an independent thinker, Bella is sure that she will master this in no time at all (she has, however, made it quite clear that she will be the star of her own show; she has no interest in learning the sorting routine and working with her pasture mates).

KLAUS HEMPFLING discusses the path to harmony with your horses and offers detailed descriptions and photographs from some of the horses he has worked with (including a very aggressive stallion, Campeon 13 who had been isolated due to his behavior).

P.S. Even though there is no photo of the training video, Bella was adamant about including "Using Treats as a Training Tool". We have not seen this video, however, Bella hates to be petted and is motivated purely by food (praise coming in a necessary second :o)

Blue Hors Matine - Pure poetry in Motion

Taya's Tickled By...

ALLEN POGUE who offers some wonderful training tips for the little guys in Enhanced Foal Training. Shaping Behaviors is also great for getting your guys to think outside the box.

MONTY ROBERTS because he listens and also offers some excellent advice for both people AND horses :o)

MARK RASHID who helps to jump start your own thought process and get you headed (herded?) in the right direction. Our favorite aspect of his writing is that he always considers everything from the horse's point of view.

Meet Molly the Pony - Who is an equine inspiration

Thanks so much for dropping by... - Although we're sad to say goodbye!

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    • profile image

      Annamadagan 7 years ago

      Cute lens!

    • WhiteOak50 profile image

      WhiteOak50 8 years ago

      I really enjoyed my visit! I ask you-who could ever watch that video and not fall in love with Molly? She is such an inspiration!! "Blessed by a SquidAngel"