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There's a Dog on My Bed!!!

Updated on July 1, 2015


I am a dog lover. A number of years ago my then husband and I were breeders of miniature long haired dachshunds. Our first “dachy” was a pup we bought for our son for his birthday, and later his sister wanted one, and of course when they left home we were left with their pets. They had puppies, and we were hooked. That went on for quite a few years.

Despite our love for them, they were not indoor dogs. They were allowed in the house, but they did not “live” in it. They were welcome in it when we permitted. Every night they would come in and sit/lie on their beds, but they did not “own” the house. It worked well for us – especially when we had a litter. They were only permitted IN the house when we allowed it.

Now my daughter is different. She had a German Shepherd – a lovely dog, but I did object to waking up and seeing this huge dog sitting some inches from me watching me as I slept. This dog ruled the house in a way – it was HIS house as well as the family. I was never comfortable with living with the dog when I stayed there. I did love the dog and showered her with love and cuddles, but I did not like that the house was littered with dog hair.

Sadly she died after a horrific illness, and it was some years later before they purchased another dog. It is a wonderful dog but again it is an inside dog. When they are home it lives IN the house. Yes, the dog hair annoys me. I do not like that the dog bowls (water and food) lives in the kitchen.

He is a funny dog and again I love to cuddle and pat it but I don’t like that it lives in the house.

Last night I stayed at the house – I stay maybe one night every three months when I have a meeting in/near the city, as it was easy for me to stay there, and not have to get up so early in the morning, and I get to see the grandchildren too. But I have to share them with the dog!!!

This morning I woke up early and sat in bed with some reading material. The dog was sleeping in the bedroom with my daughter and son-in-law, and when they woke up he was taken out for his ablutions. When he returned and ran in the house full of excitement he ran past the bedroom door, saw me, and did an U-turn, and returned taking a huge leap onto the bed and onto me.

I was surprised!!!! I was not amused. He ran up to me, but probably saw the look of shock on my face and retreated, hopped off the bed and disappeared. No harm done of course, but he was damp from the lawn, and I was not enthusiastic about his “wake up” call.

Being a guest in their house, I will not complain. That is the way they have chosen to live and that is their business, but I feel less inclined to stay there as I do not like to share my space with a dog.

What do you think?


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