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They Grow Up So Fast: The Joys Of Kittenhood

Updated on August 29, 2011

They were barely a month old when I first saw them. I was at a spay/neuter/vaccination clinic when I was approached and asked if i would take a mother cat and her six kittens. Of course, I said yes. It is amazing to me, when I look at them now, how tiny they were then...and so adorable. The first video is when they are about five weeks old. Because of the other cats in the house, and the mother cat's extreme protectiveness of her kittens, we had to keep them in the large dog kennel that I brought them home in. In the mornings and at night, and sometimes in the middle of the day, we would let them out to play under supervision. The first few times, while they were still so tiny, I could not let them wander, so had to make a small space just outside the kennel door for them to play in.

This was a very healthy little batch of kittens. The oddest thing though, I remember one night, one of the kittens appeared to be dying (this being just about a week after I brought them home) and I could not figure out what brought it on. I kept the kitten with me constantly. He was so far gone that his breathing would quit. After a short time that seemed like forever, he would jerk and start breathing again. I thought I would just hold him and give him warmth and comfort until he died (I have lost enough kittens to know that sometimes it is cruel to try to save them, especially if what they are dying from is genetic, like failing heart or lungs not fully developed. and since there was no way to know, I figured it was better to let him go). That being said...I did the one thing I could do...I asked GOD if it pleased HIM, would HE spare the kittens life. Finally, it was bedtime, or way past, and I needed some sleep. I put the kitten in with his mother and siblings, not knowing what I would find come morning. I was delighted, the next morning to see him not only alive, but acting as if he had never been almost dead. He was as alert and playful as the other kittens, and none of the kittens have been sick once since then.

The kittens continued to grow, and the day finally arrived when I gave them the rest of the house (minus a couple of rooms with cats) to explore, and as you can see in the above video, they had a blast. The two dark ones, Munchy Munchkins (black with white tipped paws and white chin and chest) and Khalia (the tortie kitten, and only female kitten in the litter) were the first to discover the joys of skydiving...without safety nets. They would climb up the kitchen chairs and leap off into space, or climb higher to the top of the back of the chair and jump off. That proved to be so much fun that they would do it over and over again, soon getting their siblings to join them. In the above video, the kitten plopping into the camera view is Khalia. It was very funny, once I realized they weren't getting hurt. I would hear this plop and look over to see one of the kittens on the floor with all four legs splayed out. They would leap to their feet and scramble madly back to the chair to repeat the experience. In this video they are almost 7 weeks old.

WARNING: Turn the speakers to a lower volume, music is loud.

In this video, the kittens are just over 10 weeks old. as you can see, they have grown quite a bit. They have started their first set of vaccines and been wormed and are just as playful as ever. They absolutely love playing on the wheel, and playing with stuffed toys mom makes them...but when it comes to fuzzy id funny to watch when one gets ahold of a fuzzy mouse. They show a stingy one better touch my butter...i mean mouse. I think they also loved growling over the mouse...maybe more than having the mouse all to themselves even...Because they would run with their mouse right in front of the others who didn't have a mouse, trying to get the others to chase them and try to get said mouse away from them. Another favorite game involved the strip of paper that you take off when opening a bag of cat or dog food. They would pick up one end, make sure the others saw it, and take off running, usually with five kittens racing after whoever had the strip. Having the kittens in our home has been a pure delight and a continual source of entertainment and amusement. Because the mother and kittens are so closely bonded, we could not bear to see them separated, so we decided to keep the lot of them. Last month finally saw the final set of vaccines, now i just need to get them their rabies shots. but i am not concerned so much about that as so far they are indoor cats. In the near future, most of them will be relocated to a large outdoor enclosure, attached to our old trailer, with a cat door via one window.

I hope you all have enjoyed my kittens as much as I have. Thank you for coming by to read about them.


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  • tlmcgaa70 profile image

    tlmcgaa70 6 years ago from south dakota, usa

    Thank you eiddwen. i am so glad you enjoyed watching them. they bring so much joy and laughter. although trying to type with them insisting on getting in the middle of the keyboard is a bit much...i clear one off only to have two more jump up where that one was. i get a few minutes of clear typing by growling at them cat fashion.

  • Eiddwen profile image

    Eiddwen 6 years ago from Wales

    What a great hub your kittens are beautiful.

    Your obvious sincerity is so touching and I look forward to following you on here.

    I vote up on here to because you deserve it.

    Take care


  • tlmcgaa70 profile image

    tlmcgaa70 6 years ago from south dakota, usa

    Thank you Chatkath...cats are so very generous in their love, it is very hard to turn any away. soon i will ad another video to this hub of the kittens as they are now at almost 4 months old. they have turned into gorgeous children with copper colored eyes and very sweet, loving natures. i have said before and will say life is blessed by having them in it. thank you for being a friend and a kindred soul...i am sure your babies will do ok. i know it sounds cold...but i would rather believe those i have lost when i had to be gone, are either dead, in which case they are not suffering or afraid or cold or hungry... or they have fond good homes with someone...i can't let myself think of the hurts to much.

  • Chatkath profile image

    Kathy 6 years ago from California

    You are the best timcgaa70! I just wish that there were more people like you as I worry daily about all the homeless animals that are not as lucky as the ones that we find. I had a homeless kitty just like the one you nursed back from near death and I had the exact same experience. I cried and pleaded with God to go ahead and take her if she's hurting & destined for a life of pain, but if not, please give her strength and a chance to live. The next day she was better and since then, with the help of some antibiotics, she is fine and was adopted by a single retired guy who absolutely loves her.

    I since moved from my house where I took in most every stray around within a year of living there, most people thought I was crazy including my family but I would do it again and now - 2 months later I still worry about my kitties and how they are doing.

    Bless you for your work and for loving these babies who may not have had a chance if not for you reaching out and agreeing to take them home! Voted up and straight across!

  • tlmcgaa70 profile image

    tlmcgaa70 6 years ago from south dakota, usa

    Thank you, and I am glad you enjoyed it. Have great day!

  • Diana Lee profile image

    Diana L Pierce 6 years ago from Potter County, Pa.

    Very cute kittens. Loved your hub.