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Things Cat Owners Will Understand

Updated on October 13, 2014
My cat Slippers, who at that point was just a few months old
My cat Slippers, who at that point was just a few months old | Source

Cats have been in my life since I was born. My family are cat lovers, so naturally, growing up, we always had a minimum of three cats in the house. Currently, we have four. Two sisters, Whitey and Quincy who will be turning 14 in September, a male stray-turned-domestic, Mr. Seal, who is at least that age, and a plump, fluffy female, Slippers, who is about to turn 3. Our cats bring a great amount of joy and laughs into our lives, regardless of their age. While the older three are getting more relaxed and leave most of the shenanigans up to Slippers, we can always count on them to make our day in one way or another.

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Cats have individual personalities, just like people

Every cat is different when it comes to their personality. They have a variety of preferences, just like us. They may like a certain food, while dislike others. They even seem to go through moods. There'll be days where they're cranky and days where they will want to do nothing but snuggle and be pet. Each one of my cats have a different personality, and I've grown to know and love their personalities, even though sometimes they may not be the most caring cats some days.

They have the most colourful expressions

Arguably, cats have more varied and humorous expressions, close to that of humans. You can clearly tell by the look on your cat's face whether you are on their good or bad side. The narrow-eyed look of disapproval when you give them only two treats instead of three, or perhaps the dismissive look of disgust when they realize you stop patting them because simply you can't sit there and pat them all day, despite their wishes. More happily, perhaps the look of love you receive when you scratch your cat behind her ears just the way she likes it.

Dark clothing doesn't stand a chance

If your cat has any other colour fur than black, any dark clothing is most surely doomed. That little black dress needs to be basically put under lock and key in your closet. Don't think about sitting down on any furniture when you're on your way to work with your dress pants, they'll be furry. You have to warn visitors who come to your house to avoid sitting on the couch or just to leave their favourite clothes at home. And you can never get rid of the fur, no matter how many times you vacuum or sweep or walk around brushing things with the lint remover. At the end of the day though, you realize you love your cat, and you're willing to put up with such setbacks.

They can be a great personal weatherman

Is your cat running around the house chirping like crazy and acting like someone gave her a dose of caffeine? Or perhaps sleeping in an unusual place with her back positioned in a certain direction? Likely you can predict that some sort of strange weather pattern is coming. Unlike the weatherman, cats are usually right about this kind of thing.

They know when you're upset (and comfort you accordingly)

Cats are great at detecting your moods, and often respond adequately - and sometimes better than our human companions, when we are upset. My cats, when I was younger would always come running if me or my younger brother were crying. They would walk all over us and rub our face with theirs, their own special way of comforting. And hey, they say patting a cat when you're stressed or upset is particularly helpful. I always find it is.

Cleaning up hairballs doesn't faze you any more

Especially if your cat is an indoor cat, it isn't unusual for you to find a hairball here or there, or even being as fortunate to have your cat leave it at the side of your bed to step into when you wake up in the morning (yes this has happened). Even the anti-hairball food isn't 100% guaranteed to give you a hairball free environment. You no longer gag or freak out that it may stain the carpet, you calmly are aware of the procedure, and can do it at any time of the day. There may even be one person in your home who is so accustomed to, or good at cleaning up hairballs that they have become the designated person to clean up your feline's furry offerings. It's one of those things that come with owning a cat, and you have just come to accept it.

You may have given up on buying any nice furniture

Cats like to sharpen their nails, it's a thing - and it's a harder thing to try to control where exactly they do this. The expensive toy that you bought them designed exactly for this purpose tends to get ignored, or only played with when you are there to moderate. Couches, love-seats and door frames become prime targets. Along with being covered in fur or occasionally being puked on, your furniture also tends to suffer from claw marks, and, because you love your cat, you slowly abandon the idea of owning a real leather couch or any expensive furniture because, well, your cat will surely mark it as their own, in one way or another.

You can understand what each different meow means

Although you and your cat don't speak a common language, you have gained the ability of understanding them anyway. Aside from their range of colourful expressions and interesting forms of body language, cats' vocal abilities are extensive. This includes meowing, growling, hissing, mewing, and purring. You know when your cat is content, wanting outside to pee, hungry. or extremely pissed off. You also laugh with no shame at that strange cackling your cat does when she sees birds outside. It just brings you closer together.

You've probably been called a crazy cat lady (or man), and that's totally okay

You love cats and aren't ashamed of it. You have likely searched "cute cat videos" on YouTube and wasted hours watching them. Your friends have called you that term and really you don't care. Cats are great, and yours is the best. Simple as that.

You love your cat, no matter what

At the end of the day, no matter what they have done, whether they puked on your carpet or clawed your couch, they're still one of your best four-legged friends, and are there for you unconditionally, as long as you feed them and give them attention, of course.


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