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Things to concider before buying a puppy or a dog from classified add

Updated on January 3, 2012
Tasha when we first saw her
Tasha when we first saw her

I grew up with dogs. I used to show dogs for my friends and I had my dog on my side while I was growing so when I finally had a chance to get a dog to my children and for us I was very happy. I saw her as a puppy in the photo above and she looks like the cutest thing ever. My friend told me after they had it for few months they just did have no energy or time for a puppy like her. They already had a pug and a pitbull, both older and very friendly, my kids stay on their house quite often.

So I was thrilled to get a puppy for us for free. She was about 8 months old and full of energy. Not housebroke because the previous family had no time really to take her out every time. They had puppy pads. I did know what cross she was told to be. Still not sure I believe it. Supposedly pitbull-husky-timberwolf. Timberwolf? Yes part of a wolf. But she looks just like labrador! I have five kids from ages 6 to 15, they all adore dogs, we live on a farm with lot of farmers dogs so the only issue I was thinking we would have is to get her to get along with other dogs here. But she was just 8 months so should be ok. And it was.

We spent some frustrating times about housebreaking but really she learned the ropes in about 3 weeks. She was great outside, not running after cars on the road and would follow me or my boyfriend everywhere. Did not have to be on the leash. Slept by our bed (and farted lol like real dogs do...) Was the greatest companion for us ever. Yes she was nippy but all puppies are, she would bite you and be after you with her mouth open. One night I really got mad at her when she was chewing the leash and knocked her over and she never did it to me again.

But I have kids. She would jump and lick them around me like any dog does. But then there was this disturbing part. While out she could just all of a sudden run my kid down and bite. I mean really bite through the fabric and few times to my kids skin. First few weeks I brushed it off and said she is just playful. But slowly my kids would not want to go out if she was there. And more and more holes appeared on my kids shirts and pants from her "playing". One day I saw her coming from nowhere and knocking my 12-year-old down and biting his shoulder to the blood.

That was it. I took her back. I tried to give her to a local shelter said she would be perfect for someone without kids. I really adored the dog. But she was not getting the idea of protecting my family. She wanted to get higher rank among my kids. Maybe I did something wrong, I don't know. But what I do know is she was not a cross of breeds to have as a family dog, no matter how sweet she looked. Teached me a lesson. When I can afford a dog with pedigree it will be purebred from a breeder, not a mix of who knows what. My kids come first. I hope she found a home with adults and is the perfect dog I think she could be. Just never for a family with children....

Tasha right before she left us
Tasha right before she left us


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