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Things you want to know before buying a budgie

Updated on October 24, 2012

Budgies are ideal birds for those who have not yet a pet. They are playful, intelligent and easy to maintain. Budgies have a feeding regimen based on vegetarian food. They need space to fly freely. If you decide to buy a budgie, you need to know some extremely valuable things about them. This information will make your communication with your budgie easier and helps understand him better.

First, buy necessary things like cage, food and water containers, stands and accessories. The cage: 31 inches long, 22 - 25.5 inches wide and 23.6 - 25 inches high would be enough. Other things that you can buy: cage bedding (sand mixed with different substances), cuttlefish bone and seeds. Food could be purchased from the same place where you buy the budgie. Seller will recommend certain types of seeds; then, get him to a veterinarian. A visit to your veterinarian is imperative because you will get any tips on budgie care, food and can be detected various diseases.

The budgie sex is not essential for those who buy a single parakeet. If you want a male, for example, you must specify this to the seller. You have to consider the age, sex (males talk more), color, behavior. Choose a lively parakeet that romps through the cage and sings. A retired parakeet is difficult to integrate into the new environment. You can approach the cage and stretch your hand slightly. In this, way you will be able to distinguish those scared. These aspects of behavior are more valuable than color or budgie sex. If it is sad and has closed eyes, it can be a sign of illness.

Budgies need a varied diet based on grains, fruits, vegetables and other foods. Exposure to natural light and sleep is necessary things for them. They need a minimum of 4 hours per day of light to metabolize vitamin D. The sleep should be 10 hours per day. Budgies are highly sensitive to air quality and should not be exposed to cigarette, chemicals and other fumes. Budgie food is based on seeds: millet, hemp seeds, oat seeds, chickpea seeds. Millet is rich in carbohydrates, hemp seeds contain omega 3 and omega 6, chickpea are high in protein. Food should be varied and high in vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates. Avoid chocolate, alcohol, potatoes, avocado and foods that contain salt.

Budgie lifespan can reach up to 15 years and can be determined by sand. Breeders think that the sand in the cage helps digestion. However, sand can be replaced with crushed eggshells (a source of protein). Do not let your budgie alone and do not punish him. If you have more than one parakeets, give them all your attention. Be extremely cautious with nose, beak not to bleed, falling feathers. Parakeets are not safe from diseases.

They are noisy pets that cause misery and destruction. Budgies eat many times a day and like to chew cables, cardboard and papers. Sometimes, budgie needs medical care, and it is essential to give it. Do not place medication in water. If you notice some changes in behavior such as always sitting withdrawn, angry, do not eat, sneeze or breathe hard not hesitate to talk to a vet. It is recommended an annual medical examination.

Talk with other budgie owners and ask where they bought the parrot and eventually if he had some health problems. Also, you can find budgies for sale on the Internet. Go to the farms to make sure that the place is clean and neat. Before buying a budgie, do not forget to check his health.

Do you have a budgie?

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