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Think Twice - Pets

Updated on October 3, 2015

"Need gone ASAP!"

The shelters are overflowing and the classified ads are lining up! In the Spring and Summer its the unwanted puppies and kittens; in Fall and Winter its all the pets they can't or don't want to keep because they are going somewhere for the Holidays. Summer-break is also a giant dog- and cat-killer!
We found a cocktail ones; miles away from any house. One of the dogs was a Muensterlaender; a dog bred to retrieve. He brought her carefully to me. Her ring number showed that she was 13. She lived another ten years with us! She had been dumped the begin of summer break back in Germany!

The excuses are plentiful and colorful. People get much more creative in trying to explain why they want it gone asap and have to get rid of it, then they are trying to make things work!

If you wonder why I sound so passionate about this subject... I am! I get hundreds of Facebook posts every day with animals facing death, because they are homeless! I get anywhere from 50 to 200 emails a day with 'Urgent!', 'Last Day!', 'Euthanasia List', 'Please help!', 'Red Listed', and more. If you see the amount of animals, often even pure bred and all of them beautiful and highly adoptable, that faces death every day, you have to be passionate or you will either cry or burn out! And every day is euthanasia day somewhere in this Country; probably in more than one place!
And don't make no mistake: The animals euthanized are not bad, sick or unadoptable! They are animals that would make great pets for any family!

Boomer, the Lion! I couldn't leave him behind! Considering he is 'just' a mix, he is stunning!
Boomer, the Lion! I couldn't leave him behind! Considering he is 'just' a mix, he is stunning! | Source

"I'm moving!"

Well, been there done that!

Find a pet-friendly house or apartment!
They are out there and as affordable as anything else. And if you have to pay a deposit, you should be prepared for it. The problem is that you took responsibility over a life when you got a pet. Would you give up your children, because you are moving?

Find the right mode of transportation!
If you can't take your pet with the car, bus or plane, consider one of the many volunteer- or paid- drivers! You can get a dog or cat for less than $100 from GA all the way to NY! I know it; I have friends who do it! We rescuers will do a lot for somebody who actually tries to step up to their responsibility! Everything is possible if you truly want it!

Help your pet with the move! Let your pet help you!
New places can be scary for you and your pet! Everything that was once in place now has to be found again! Cats aren't fond of changes and dogs have to figure out the new territory and rank structure. And when you need somebody familiar to be there for you, your pet's love is unconditional and freely and faithfully given!

I PCS'ed as a single Mom 1,300+ miles to the North/East!
When I had to go house-hunting, I took my very old dog, who wasn't suppose to be dying at any time, and drove East. 50 miles out of town we found a starving Basset Hound. So the three of us continued.
I didn't want to spend money on a hotel, so we slept in a secured parkinglot in the car and showered at the gym. Even if you don't have access to a military base, you can always find a good gas station that has cameras. At least in most areas. There are options, if you really want them!
When it became time to move and the trucks were packed and gone, I loaded a trailer full, put three giant dog crates by the gate, attached two portable fans I had connected to a new plug in my trunk (like the cigarette lighter plug), blocked the gate from closing all the way and tied it up. The old dog slept on top of my children buried in a car full of essentials. The Basset had moved in with my property manager's mom and lives in a New York penthouse now.
We stopped for food, water and potty breaks and everybody did fine!

The next and last time I moved, I moved a lot more stuff and animals! If I can do what I had to do, EVERYBODY CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN!

"I am pregnant!"

Been there, done that four times!

Hygiene and cleanliness!
My Mom had a miscarriage in her first Trimester and lost my little brother, because she had Toxoplasmosis. He would have been mentally and physically disabled and probably would not have known he existed.
I had a great doctor! He did a test, told me I had already had it and to just keep everything extra clean. Since I had Toxoplasmosis antibodies, my Oldest one was safe. I kept washing my hands just like I had learned in my cooking class, did the litter boxes with gloves and just kept everything as clean as it should be to begin with!

Pregnant and dog or cat?
I know a lady who was still running 3 miles while 9 month pregnant. I just walked mine and it helped me to manage the weight gain to a almost acceptable amount. It gave me the exercise my doctor had ordered! And a chance to see something other than the darn couch.
And my cats? They kept me loving company on the couch when I didn't feel good. The loving purring of my kitties can put me right to sleep!

You are just adding another child!
So you have a child and a dog or cat. So what! Most animals can adjust as long as you lay down the 'law', enforce your own rules and ensure that nobody has reason for jealousy! If the first humans learned to co-exist with wolves and other creatures, why can't we do that with a domesticated animal? When my daughter got nipped for stealing my dog's food, both got corrected. My daughter never stole dog food again and learned to respect the dogs; and my dog became my children's biggest guardian! Anybody coming close to the stroller or my child came face to face with the teeth of a former supposedly aggressive dog that had turned out to be a couch potato that was afraid of being beaten.
We knew and learned the issues and responded to it!

A companion for your child!
Children and animals do well together if taught right from begin on. My children have each their own favorite cat or dog to keep company. They learn to read together and learn how to be responsible for a life. They learn to respect each other and how to get along or work as a team. When my children go to the back of my property to play in my 'Forest', they have a dog with them. I know they will be much safer, because my dogs will watch out for their 'pack'!
My 140lbs German Shepherd Duke once jumped from laying down over a old-fashioned giant stroller at somebody, because he had bumped into the stroller and almost knocked it down.
If I need to find my children, I take a dog and have it track them down! They know where to find them! And the hide-and-seek game is too much fun for my children!

My children learn responsibility through having a pet. One day they will be responsible for their own children and I am sure it will help them. And they will always have a companion, even if their friends and family may not be next door anymore. Children and pets can grow up together just fine!

"I'm deploying!"

Well.. Once again: I've been there, I've done it, and I got the T-Shirts! A few to be exact!

"I lost my job!"

Been there, done....

"I don't have time anymore!"

So I've been there..., gone to college four nights a week, worked 12 hours a day, volunteered on the weekends, slept every night with my dogs and cats in the same king-size bed, walked them in between. The walks were my stress-relief and kept me sane. The snoring gave me comfort and put me right to sleep!

"I'm getting divorced!"

Yeah! Was smart enough to do that! One more reason to hang on to the one companion that will never leave you on purpose, cheat on you, make you do all the work or spend your money in the bar!

"I'm getting married!"

Well... Your pet was there first and if he/she doesn't like it, it is very likely that there are other things that you are not compatible in!

And what makes you think she/he loves you, if she/he can't love you as you are!?

Its a life!

When we got a pet, we took over the responsibility for that life! One would hope we thought it through and made an educated and mature decision. Otherwise we would look like immature fools!

I tell people to foster, if they never had a pet before and want to adopt! You learn a lot from a few days with a new animal in your house!

Nothing is ever easy in life and I have a lot of respect for people who took the challenge and made it happen. I have seen people overcome amazing things! If you can't handle something as simple as arranging transport for your dog or teaching a cat not to lay in the baby's crip, how will you overcome challenges such a Tornado or a Flood?

Search the Internet for all those hero stories of animals that faithfully stuck to their beloved owners or even died for them! If they will faithfully stand by you, why would you walk away and abandon them? Did you think they would have a chance in a kill shelter? Why do you think they call them that? I challenge everybody thinking about giving up a pet to read up on gas chambers and heart-stick! There aren't enough rescues out there to handle the load of animals dumped by irresponsible owners!

Statistically one homeless animal dies every 1.5 seconds! Statistically... the animal you just dropped off at the shelter... doesn't stand a chance! Owner surrenders usually don't get the 72 hours! North Carolina's euthanasia rate is close to 80%! So what do you think is going to happen?


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    • Cat R profile imageAUTHOR

      Cat R 

      7 years ago from North Carolina, U.S.

      Hot Dogs is my secret to almost anything involving my dogs and even some of my cats! I got semi-feral cats to become sweet with using hot dogs!

    • Becky Katz profile image

      Becky Katz 

      7 years ago from Hereford, AZ

      My mom had a dachshund that had to have back surgery. She was at the vets for a week and he sent her home early. She was starting to fail. We all thought it was because she thought we had abandoned her. Within a week, she was back up to her normal self. The first day though, she had a blank look on her face and her eyes were clouded. We fed her finely sliced steak for dinner and then gave her her favorite treat. HOTDOGS!!! She was doing better by morning.

    • Cat R profile imageAUTHOR

      Cat R 

      7 years ago from North Carolina, U.S.

      I have a dog that we found when he was roughly 6 years old. He is now 18 or going on 18. He moved from Texas to NC with me, moved within NC, survived 3 pregnancies and 4 active children growing up with his love, survived 2 deployments and so much more. We are hoping he'll survive another ten years at least, since we can't imagine life without him.

      There are options and organizations out there that can help. But if all else fails...

      I hate to be that honest, but one would almost do one's pet a greater favor in having it humanely euthanized by a vet, than suffer fear and abandonment in a concrete kennel; just to die a horrible death by gas or heartstick!

    • Becky Katz profile image

      Becky Katz 

      7 years ago from Hereford, AZ

      I have had dogs my whole life. Got the first one at 1 year old. My mom's old dog had died. My grandfather gave me one for my birthday. I have never not had a dog and I have moved all over the country. I just load them up in the car with the rest of us and away we go. We had dogs when my children were born and we just made sure that they all knew they were loved. My kids took naps on the dog and he was fine with it. He was 10 years old when the first one was born.


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