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Thirsty Cats need a Cat Water Fountain

Updated on June 13, 2013

Even though it might not seem like it, your cat needs a lot of fresh water. Fresh water is absolutely essential to keeping your cat healthy and happy. Without enough clean and fresh water, your cat can become dehydrated. Not only can this make your cat uncomfortable and sluggish, it can be a dangerous health hazard. All living things need water to survive, in order to keep then cool and to serve as the fluid necessary for the exchange of oxygen, nutrients, and waste within and outside of the body. What’s more, since many cats are susceptible to urinary tract infections, especially male cats, a steady supply of water is essential to keep the kidney’s working at their optimum. The availability of plenty of water will help keep your cat’s fur, eyes, and nose healthy as well.

The problem in many homes is that our cats don’t get enough water. Have you ever seen your cat jump into the shower after you are finished to lick the sides of the bathtub? This may be a sign that your cat is not getting enough water. It may be that you are forgetting to fill your cat’s water bowl or it may be that the water in the bowl isn’t as fresh as your cat likes and needs to stay healthy. But there is an easy solution to the problem of your cat not getting enough fresh, clean water to drink. And that solution is the cat water fountain.

Cats enjoy fresh water just as much as we do.  You can provide them with this with a Cat Water Fountain.
Cats enjoy fresh water just as much as we do. You can provide them with this with a Cat Water Fountain.

What is a Cat Water Fountain?

Cat water fountains come in a variety of sizes and styles but the basic principal to all of them is the same. The cat water fountain provides your cat with a steady supply of the freshest, cleanest water that your pet will need. Because the water in most cat water fountains is circulated, it is kept clean and fresh by passing through filters as the water moves from the storage chamber to the drinking bowl. The water is also aerated as it falls into the drinking bowl, filling it with healthful oxygen and helping to remove harmful bacteria that grows in the absence of oxygen. Of course, given its large storage capacity, the cat water fountain supplies your cat with all the water he or she will require. This is especially useful if you are going to be away from the house for several days or if you have a long day at the office.

Buying a Cat Water Fountain

When you are shopping for a cat water fountain, you will begin to notice that there are a few brands of fountains that are very popular. These brands can be readily found online at such places as Amazon or at pet specialty retailers on the internet and are usually stocked at most pet center stores like PetSmart and Petco.

Of these brands of cat water fountain, perhaps the most popular are those made by Drinkwell. Drinkwell provides a number of cat water fountain styles. Their Platinum Water Fountain is one of their top of the line models. This cat water fountain holds 168 fluid ounces of water so that your cat will always have plenty of fresh water on hand. The fountain features a five inch waterfall from the storage tank into the drinking bowl. This waterfall aerates and cleans the water and makes for an interesting attraction for your cat. You can find this product at

Another popular brand of cat water fountain is that made by Petmate. The Petmate Deluxe Fresh Flow Fountain supplies a full 108 ounce capacity of water, which is given to your cat with a no splash water slide from the reservoir to the drinking bowl. The water in this cat water fountain is purified by two separate charcoal filters, ensuring that the water your cat receives is as clean and fresh tasting as possible. The fresher the water tastes to your cat, the more likely he or she will drink all the water needed to stay healthy and sleek.

Finally, for a very sleek and stylish cat water fountain, go no farther than the Pioneer Ceramic Drinking Fountain. This cat fountain is made from attractive black porcelain, so it will look great in your home while keeping your cat properly hydrated. What’s more, the porcelain bowl will keep the water cooler than will many of the plastic designs, making for a more refreshing drink for your cat. The charcoal filters will take out any impurities in the water as well.

What all of these brands of cat water fountain will provide you with is an ensured water source for your cat. Never will you have to worry that your kitty will not have enough water to stay healthy and happy. Cat water fountains are literally a real lifesaver.


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