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This Cat Bed Cocoon is Winning the Internet by Storm

Updated on December 13, 2017
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Lovely Cat Bed from Kittycentric

Kitty Love.
Kitty Love.

Every Cat's Loveable Accessory

With the feline love increasing among the 21st century netizens, a comfy cat bed cocoon built with utmost artistry is winning the admiration of people from all around the world. The 100% felted wool, comfy to the max cat bed is a product of Kittycentric, a brand renowned for coming out with lovable pet accessories for more than a couple of last few years.

The cocoon is made with utmost focus to keep the cat in perfect shape and health. The natural lanolin of the walls of the cocoon not only keeps the cat fur protected but also makes the kitty stink less, making you comfortable even when the li’l ones of your home cuddle the cat.

With a perfect hiding place for multi-kitty family, this 19-inch (diameter) cat cocoon is amazing for everyone who love their kitties. It can be placed anywhere and being washable, it can be cleaned with detergents and water whenever needed, making the cleanliness a ‘no problem’ for hygiene-conscious cat owners.

The hypo-allergic and antibacterial building-material makes Kittycenytric cocoon a much better choice because the chances of getting skin irritations and itches nosedives as the wool used to make the cocoon is full of lanolin, a natural antibacterial.

So, if you have a lovely cat at your home and want to show your love for it, look out for the Kittycentric cat cocoon. It will not only make you feel satisfied but will also make your kitty stay happy forever in a comfy cocoon built entirely keeping its convenience in mind.


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