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Throw a Dog Party!

Updated on August 10, 2009
Throw a dog birthday party for your pooch!
Throw a dog birthday party for your pooch!

Dogs are wonderful! They are loyal and loving family members! If you have a dog, then you probably understand the point I am trying to make! Dogs love us unconditionally. They don't care if our hair is out of place, how much we weigh, or how much money we make! The pet product industry brings in over one BILLION dollars per year. Yes, you read that correctly….over ONE BILLION DOLLARS! That, my friends, is an amazing fact, not to mention an amazing amount of money! Obviously, people really, really LOVE their dogs! 

More and more dog owners are throwing dog parties and celebrations! Personally, I think this is wonderful, after all, don't our beloved, four-legged friends deserve to celebrate special moments in their lives too!? Dogs were born to party…where else did the term "party dog" come from? Obviously, the most common reason to throw a dog party is to celebrate your pup's birthday. However, there are MANY other reasons to celebrate as well!

Reasons to Throw a Dog Party!

Adoption Day Celebration!

If you recently adopted a dog, congratulations…you saved a life! Why not celebrate this wonderful act of kindness and have a dog adoption day celebration. Not only can you celebrate the arrival of your new friend, can you think of a better way to introduce your new dog to your friends and family (and, of course, have the guests bring their dogs too!).

Birthday Party!

Celebrate your dog's birthday by throwing a howling fun birthday party! Ok, I know, your pup may not REALLY know what is going on…but he will be thrilled with all of the extra attention and of course the dog friendly birthday cake! Yummy!

Graduation Day!

Did your dog recently graduate from obedience school!? Congratulations! Now don't just sit there…start planning your pup's graduation party! After all, graduation from obedience school is no small accomplishment! Be proud and show off what your dog has learned!

Puppy Shower!

Is your precious dog expecting? If so, throw a puppy shower! Have your guests write down on a piece of paper how many puppies they think are on the way and what sex they are. When the puppies arrive, send a small prize to the individual who was the closest!

Howloween Party!

Halloween is the perfect time to throw a dog party! Tell your guests to dress their dogs in Halloween costumes and have a costume contest! You can also have your doggie guests play "bobbing for hotdogs"…instead of bobbing for apples. Sounds like howling good fun…don't you think!?

Celebrate Your Pup!
Celebrate Your Pup!

Celebrate Your Furry Friend!

There are many reasons to celebrate your dog! Use your imagination and see what you can come up with! Dog parties do not have to be expensive; in fact, you can throw a birthday bash at your local dog park and spend practically nothing! Homemade dog treats and dollar store prizes are all you will need! Dogs are wonderful, loyal animals! I'm sure you agree that they deserve to be celebrated too! Have fun! Woof!


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