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Thundershirt - Dog Anxiety Vest

Updated on February 11, 2012

Millions of dogs suffer from anxiety, fear, stress, and over-excitement, and as an ownder of a few of these dogs, it is a pain to control at times.

The thundershirt is an anti-anxiety wrap that's helped tens of thousands of dogs with their stress issues.

The manufacturer claims that the vest addresses many common problems that dogs have, to include fear of thunder and fireworks, separation anxiety, general anxiety, problems with barking, problems with jumping, and travel anxiety.

Basically, the thundervest applies pressure to the torso, which has a calming effect on many dogs. The concept is driven from the ideal of parents swaddling infants and veterinarians using squeeze chutes when vaccinating cattle.The concept also applies to people with autism, applying pressure to relieve persistent anxiety that these people tend to suffer.

The thundershirt has an 80% success rate. Even though it isn't a 100% success rate, it is something that any owner of a dog with anxiety should try. If a vest can solve your dog's problems, you don't have to throw in the towel and give your dog up.

The thundervest comes in three basic colors- grey, pink, and navy. The vest also comes in a variety of sizes to fit dogs as large as 50" chest and 110 pounds.

Keep in mind that the vest is supposed to be snug, so you don't want a loose fitting thundervest.

Chest Size
9" up to 13"
<7 lbs
13" up to 17"
8-14 lbs
17 up to 21"
15-25 lbs
21" up to 25"
26-40 lbs
25" up to 30"
41-64 lbs
30" up to 37"
65-110 lbs
37" up to 50"
>110 lbs


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