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Tibetan Terriers: Pros and Cons

Updated on September 22, 2010

Bobby my Tibetan Terrier

Bobby not as a puppy just cute
Bobby not as a puppy just cute
Bobby and his ball
Bobby and his ball

Tibetan Terriers - a brilliant dog!

I am currently writing this review with my black and white Tibetan Terrier Bobby, aka Bobby Dazzler, laying on the sofa next to me and squishing me into a corner as he’s so relaxed.

There are several things about Tibetan Terriers that you should know if you are considering getting one.


They don’t moult.

They don’t smell bad.

They aren’t aggressive and will let babies play with them and pull their whiskers with no comeback.

They are easy to housetrain: Bobby was trained within three weeks.

They are devoted, totally loyal, protective and loving. I call Bobby my shadow as I can’t even go to the bathroom without him following me.

They are intelligent and so respond very quickly to training and discipline when required.

They are great watchdogs, but this means they bark a lot.


They are fussy eaters.

Their fur can get matted easily if they are not kept groomed. This can also be costly if you decide to keep him clipped: $47/£35 every four to six weeks depending on which country you live in. Make sure that the hair gets plucked out of their ears otherwise it grows down the shaft and irritates them. Although in the winter, plucking seems to cause my dog an ear infection.

They have inherent hip dysplasia which means either a costly hip replacement operation or hydrotherapy every fortnight (which actually my dog loves and now his hips are fine so no need for the operation).

They can be very wilful and hold a grudge.

They can be demanding in their need for attention and affection and get ants in their pants and demand to go for two or three walks a day if you don’t keep it under control. There are times when Bobby gets too big for his boots and tries to control me so I have to put him in his place and show him who is boss.

Things they love:

Hanging out of the car door with the wind in their hair.

Chewing rawhide bones.

Chasing squirrels.



Playing in the snow.

Ear rubs.

Tummy rubs.

Going with you wherever you can take him.

Things they hate:


Getting clipped.

Being in your bad books. One of the most effective ways of disciplining Bobby is to tell him off and then totally ignore him, refusing even to look at him. He absolutely hates it since this means he doesn’t get any attention and one thing Tibetan’s thrive on is attention.

All in all, they are absolutely wonderful little dogs. They are a small-medium sized dog, growing up to 18 inches in height and around 30lbs. They come in white, black and fawn and a combination of these colours. They are great with children and easy to look after, loving, devoted and fun. They understand everything you tell them, will wait on command and show you what they need from you. Bobby even talks to me if I try to make him go to the toilet when he doesn’t need to! They think they are human so will want to be involved in everything, even getting in your bed. They are smiley happy dogs and a joy to have as part of the family.


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    • profile image

      Sue Schultz 7 weeks ago

      Fun to read about your little guy. I have a six year old male, named “Lou”. I love everything about him, except for two things: 1, he won’t eat dog food, and often anything I offer him, and 2, since he is not food motivated, he won’t necessarily come when I call him, unless he WANTS to. Help?

    • nichenry profile image

      nichenry 5 years ago from Valencia, California


      Thanks! He is very cute. Lately I've discovered that he's become allergic to a lot of dry food so have started feeding him white rice and chicken rich dog meat (additive free and for seniors for the vitamins). He loves it and his skin has stopped itching. Also because there is some prep involved he thinks he is getting something special!

    • profile image

      Jackie 5 years ago

      Awww, Bobby is super cute! We have a Tibetan Terrier (Zeke) who just turned one in January. He is so fussy and I have not found ANY dry dog food that he will eat. What do you feed Bobby?

    • profile image

      Jo 7 years ago

      Aw he's so cute!!!