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Flea and tick problem in Pets

Updated on October 3, 2015


 Fleas and ticks are very teasing pests; they can make you feel irritated. They can even cause some sort of minor allergy or infection. Equally these pests are dangerous for your pets as well. Dogs and cats are the favorite victim of these fleas and ticks.

FRONTLINE Plus is the most famous pest control product available in the market. We will discuss FRONTLINE plus as we proceed in this article.

First we need to understand how these Fleas and ticks can be harmful to your pets especially Dog? And how can we take care of our pets and avoid these fleas and ticks? What is the best and effective Flea and Tick control product available in the market?  Let’s discuss in detail.

All You Need Is an Effective Flea and Tick Control

U.S is among those countries having highest ratio of people owning pets. Roughly estimated, more then 60 percent of U.S population has their own pets. A survey results shows that there are about 65 million dogs and 70 million cats in the U.S. The greatest fear to the owners of pets is of fleas and ticks. These pests can cause serious skin infection to Dogs and cats. Especially Dog owners look much worried because of these harmful pests. They are unable to avoid the risk of fleas and ticks in spite of intensive care of their pet. After reading this article you will surely be able to prevent your dog from fleas and ticks.

Choosing Your Parasite Control Products
Many fleas and ticks control products are available in market. These products are available in different forms like shampoo, lotion, wipes, spray, dusters etc. You can choose any which is most easy to use for you. Some fleas and ticks control products only kills mature fleas and ticks, while other products only kill immature fleas and ticks and some products do both function. Flea and tick control products are available on internet, pet stores and are regulated by Environmental protection agency of U.S. One thing should be kept in mind before buying a flea and ticks control product, consciously read the label and direction to use that product. Do not try pest control products on cats which are made especially for Dogs.

An Effective Plan
Adulticides are those compounds which rapidly kills ticks and fleas. permethrin, a synthetic form of pyrethrum and  Pyrethrins, extracted from the flowers of Chrysanthemums,  are among the most effective and generally use adulticides. Insect growth controller like, Nylar®, mimic a natural insect hormone that interferes with development of immature fleas and ticks into mature ones.

Pests control products like Adams™ Flea & Tick Mist with Sykillstop™  and Bio Spot® Spot-On Flea & Tick Control for Dogs and include both an adulticide and an Insect growth regulator. They kill and control the growth o fleas and ticks. If somebody wants to choose any alternative product then prefer Gentle Touch™ Flea Drops for both dogs and cats.

To get the best result from the fleas and ticks control shampoo, let it be on pet skin for some time. Do not immediately wash up the shampoo. Bio Guard® is preferred gentle, pet shampoo specially formulated so as not to wash out spot-on flea control products.

Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Control


Let’s review the top choice fleas and ticks controller product. Merial Frontline Plus gives long lasting and fast effecting flea and tick control for the dog. Reaction time of Frontline Plus is just 12 hours; you can start observing the results after 12 hours of its application. Frontline plus has proved, killing of all types of fleas and ticks including specie which cause a disease Lyme. Ingredient of Frontline plus includes (fibronil) which has the capability to get stored in the oil glands below the skin. Due to this function, its get distributed continuously and quickly to the hair of your pet through the hair follicles and to the skin. Frontline Plus comes with the 30 days protection. It is highly recommended for the dogs between 45 to 80 pounds but there is no restriction for the weight of the Dog.

Silent features of Frontline Plus:

You can apply Frontline plus once per month in just about 3 minutes.

 Very less or no side effects on the dog.

 It has been used for many years on dogs and results are superb..

Frontline plus also has waterproof function. That means even during bath your dog remain protected from fleas and ticks.

I compared and tested all related products and asked many experts vets, pet owners.  Everyone agrees that Frontline is the best available product to keep fleas and ticks away of your dog.





For those who are living in forestry area where there are too much mosquitoes. We can say people living in northern U.S may use Advantix. Frontline does not kill mosquitoes, while advantix does and Advantix is more effective in killing ticks. Advantix is also a good option, if, Frontline fails in any case.

Flea and Tick Control: Natural Flea and Tick Control to Treat your Dog!

Dogs are considered as family member now days, everyone loves dog because of its faithful nature. As the season of fleas and ticks comes, dogs owner get worry about their dog. We have discussed man commercial fleas and ticks controller products which are quite effective. But on the other hand we can not neglect their side effects. These side effects are usually caused because of the ingredient of these products. For example, flea collars have a huge quantity of propoxur and tetrachlorvinphos. These are considered among the most toxic chemicals. And are no more allowed to be sold for public.

These chemical leaves a chemical residue over the dog skin, which can be transferred to the kids and other family members as well. These chemical has the tendency to get absorb under the skin and cause skin infection..

These are some healthier and safe alternatives that could be chosen, if pet owners decide not to use commercial products


  1. The use of herbal powder that controls fleas and ticks.  Now flea collars available in ‘herbal’ type and this is even better than using the commercial flea collars.

  2. The use of skin tonic such as manages treatment and parasite repellent is another good option.


  1. Adding garlic and yeast to your pet’s diet is also advised


  1. Treating your carpets using mineral salt.

This substance has been found extremely effective in fleas and ticks control... If your infestation is not being controlled by using all above mentioned natural methods, then its time to move for a good commercial fleas and ticks control product. Always choose well reputed and tested fleas and ticks killer product with minimum side effects.


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      great info thanks

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      really helpful..

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      Thanks Sandy spider..

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      Sandy Mertens 

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      Good share.


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