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Tips For Finding A Cattery For The Christmas Holidays

Updated on November 11, 2014
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While the Christmas holidays are a very popular time of year for people, cats are not always as enthusiastic about the visitors, the changes in the house, the hectic pace and of course all the noise and activity. For other families that are traveling to be with friends or relatives in distant locations leaving the cat alone in the home may also not be an ideal situation.

For cats that aren’t visitor or holiday friendly or cats that don’t like being left on their own there is an answer. Finding a top cattery that can keep your cat comfortable, relaxed and pampered while you are away or while you are entertaining is a perfect alternative.

It is important to start considering a cattery for the Christmas holidays and the New Year’s holiday before the last minute. The best catteries will fill up quickly and many customers will bring their cats back year after year, limiting the space for new cats into the service. By doing your research, visiting the facility and booking your cat’s holiday away from home you can rest assured that you have your beloved pet in the best possible place while you enjoy the season.

The Facility

Getting out and actually visiting the cattery that you are considering is important as online descriptions and website pictures are not always an accurate depiction of the facility. Always call in advance and ask for an appointment to come and see the cattery so that you aren’t arriving when staff are busy feeding or cleaning.

Look at the overall cleanliness of the facility and the space and features offered to the cats. Some of the top catteries have amenities that would rival a 5 star hotel including heated sleeping areas, two level cages with outside access to sheltered exercise runs and soft, warm and fluffy blankets for your cat to snuggle up in and nap.

Each cat should also have his or her own dedicated water bowl and food bowl. Each room or unit should also have a litter tray that is cleaned at least once a day. If you have more than one cat you may find that top catteries are willing to accommodate two or more cats in a larger unit so they can be secure in being with each other while staying over.

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Food and Medication

Most catteries will offer owners the option of supplying their own food, which is important if your cat is on a special diet, or using the brand and food that the cattery feeds. You should be able to find this information out by looking at the information on the cattery website or making and phone call and getting your questions answered.

Some catteries will not accept cats on medication or with health issues. There are also catteries that will administer oral or topical medications but will not complete injections. In all top cattery you will need to provide information that your cat or cats are up to date on all vaccinations, worming treatments and flea medications and have a clean bill of health from a vet.

Another feature to consider is the cost of boarding your pet. While pricing is always a consideration it should not be the deciding factor as often the lower priced catteries don’t offer those extra features such as CCTV security systems on the premises, specialised isolation areas for cats that are easily distressed or the option to have your cats collected and dropped off to save you the drive.

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