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Tips On HowTo Train Your Pet Dog

Updated on September 17, 2015

A photo showing clickers used for training dogs


Rewarding A Dog To Positively Reinforce Behaviour

Dogs are like human beings.They are happy whenever they get that thing they like.You feel motivated whenever you are rewarded and you work to maintain that kind of behavior.The same thing applies to dogs.You want it to learn some manners then give it something it enjoys whenever it does something you really like.It may be food, sweet sounds.Whenever it does that thing that you like, immediately (within seconds) avail that thing.Repeat this for a number of times until when iot is able to associate the reward and the behavior.

Rewarding A Dog Positively Reinforces A behaviour


Negative behavior reinforcement dog

It is the exact opposite of the of the rewarding system. Punishing may not necessarily mean caning your pet dog.Withdrawing a certain benefit or that thing it likes whenever it misbehaves diminishes that negative behavior until when it will be able to associate the lack with the behavior.Also like in the rewarding system, the withdrawal of a benefit should be within seconds so that it can associate.

A Poorly Trained Dog


Training A Dog How To Use A Toilet

Just like in human beings who learn well when they are young, training should begin when they are very young. Puppies are good learners.Crate training is good when the dog is staying indoor.Just like the name suggest, the method involve the use of a dog crate. It is based on the principle that dogs do not defecate in the place where they live or like. When in room with the toilet crate, they prefer using this crate as the place to relieve themselves. When they are confined for several days, they are able to associate the crate with defecation thus learning how to use it.

Training Your Dog To Stop Biting

Have ever watched worldlife documentary of animals like lepoards and lions. Their young ones are lively and playful. Puppies or young dogs are also do like to play. Since you are their best friends, they will climb on you and lick your body. But one of the bad behavior with them is biting. So how can you control this? It is simple, just like how a mother dog yelps when a puppy bites its teat and the puppy understand that what it is doing is not right, you are also supposed to apply this. Release a sound which will act as a signal to discourage this behavior.Consistent repetition of the sound when bitten will make the dog understand that biting is bad.Kicking will only work negatively as it will only make your pet dog hate and fear you thus destroy the relationship.

Training A Dog To Obey Your Commands

There is nothing bad like having a rebellious pet dog which can never follow any of your instructions. But did you know that you may the reason why your dog never respond to any of your commands? Yes , it is true. If there exists no clear line of communication between you and your dog, you can never expect a clear response.First you are supposed to stick to one pet name to eliminate confusion. If it is Jim let it be Jim alone.It is one of the sure way of eliminating confusion.Secondly, respect your pe.Show it love so as to establish a health relationship. Positive reinforcement method also does work here. Reward it with something good after a positiove response.

A Highly Trained Dog In Drug Detection Exercise

A U.S. Navy military working dog handler
A U.S. Navy military working dog handler | Source


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