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Tips for Pet Grooming at Home

Updated on July 8, 2013

Improve Your Family Bond

As a pet owner, you have a duty of care to your pet and must groom him regularly. As well as making your pet look great, you will also uncover potential health concerns that could save your cat or dog a great deal of pain and suffering. Basic pet grooming at home can be performed using as little as one or two tools. Invest in a metal comb that has fine and coarse teeth and consider a rubber curry brush if you have a dog with short hair. You also need a high quality shampoo made for pets. Please note that shampoos that are safe for dogs may actually be harmful to cats. Below, we look at more specific pet grooming tips you can utilize at home.

Cleaning Your Dog's Teeth


Brushing Teeth

You will need a certain level of patience in order to properly brush your pet’s teeth. Begin by using your finger without toothpaste just to get your pet used to the process of having their teeth brushed and mouth handled. Go through the motions of brushing with your finger and pay special attention to the gum line, as this is where tartar builds up. Start with a session lasting a few seconds and work your way up. Eventually, you will be able to use a proper pet toothbrush with pet toothpaste.

Getting Your Dog into the Tub


Bath Time

Regardless of whether you own a cat or dog, trying to get your pet to bathe is not much fun! Like with brushing teeth, this is a process that could take weeks to accomplish. First of all, walk your pet around the house on a leash so that he no longer associates a leash with bath time. Bring your pet to the bathroom and play with him on the floor. Leave without making any kind of fuss. A couple of weeks in, pick him up and place him in the tub without water. If he doesn’t react, give him a treat and take him out. After a few sessions, add some water. Hopefully, he won’t bolt from the tub!

Cleaning Your Dog's Ears


Ear Cleaning

You need to clean your pet’s ears in between vet appointments. This can be achieved by swabbing the inside of your pet’s ears with a mild ear cleaner and cotton ball, never use a Q-tip or similar cotton swab, as this could cause serious damage and/or infection to your pet's inner ear. It will take a little bit of practice and a lot of care as swabbing too hard will provide a painful experience for your pet. It is best for you to talk to your vet about the best ear wash to use and look for ear cleaning tips. Clean your pet’s ears regularly to prevent infection and disease.

Video: How to Clean Your Dog's Ears

Trimming Your Dog's Nails


Nail Clipping

For some pets, nail clipping is necessary every couple of weeks. Again, care and skill needs to be shown, because cutting the nails too short will be extremely painful. You should have styptic powder close by, in case you accidentally cut your pet during the clipping process.

Pets actually enjoy being groomed because it feels good and they get to spend time with their owner. As you know, pets love attention so make it your business to learn some basic dog grooming tips to keep your faithful pet healthy and happy.

Video: How To Clip Your Dog's Nails


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