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Tips on Choosing the Right Dog Breed

Updated on July 1, 2012

There are many factors when choosing the right breed of dog and everyone will point out one factor or more in their choosing process. In general, it is suggested by most dog breeders and expert trainers to complement a breed with your lifestyle, rather than picking a dog and struggling to complement your lifestyle to their requirements and disposition. This is a major long-lasting decision for you and family members you live with. It is better to do some research to make sure you reach the suitable decision.

For most of us, having a dog at home brings happiness to our lives. We do not even understand which breeds our dogs are, and we do not know much about it. However for other people, having a genuine dog breed is extremely important. If that is the case with you, below are a few helpful tips to help select the breed of your new dog:

1. Size: Size is important but it does not necessarily imply that a big dog requires a big home and a small dog is appropriate to normal house living. Some large breeds such as the docile Greyhound are appropriately suited and manage to survive in a small yard.

2. Experience with dogs: Many breeds often do well with a more skillful pet owner as they may be uncooperative, headstrong, or maybe naturally very dominating. Breeders and tips from breed companies can assist you to determine if the breed fits your needs or if it is an overwhelming dog to train or deal with.

3. Breed type: Different breeds have been carefully bred and developed for more than 100 years or longer to do various tasks for human beings. Do not choose the one that is prepared exclusively for hunting. Moreover working, herding or hunting dogs may also have harsh behaviors that may not suit your life.

4. Health issues: The majority of breeds have genetic health problems but clearly figuring out all the concerns before selecting the breed is vital. Buying from a well-known breeder will eliminate almost all the concerns but there is always the possibility that health issues may appear with the breed.

5. Find out where the dog was bred: Before coming up with your ultimate decision about a particular dog, know as much as you possibly can about where the seller gets its puppies. Avoid getting puppies that come from a puppy factory. As an alternative, look for a pet shop that gets its pups from areas where the pets are treated well. If it is possible, you should see their parents. That will enable you to judge the color and size of the dog, after it becomes grown completely.

When selecting a dog breed, it is advisable to discuss with people who have previous experience with the breed you're planning to buy. Your local veterinarian, breeders and trainers are a useful source of advice. Also, if you check out any dog shows in your area, you can consult with the owners of almost any breed - this will provide you with a great idea of what to buy.


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    • mecheshier profile image


      7 years ago

      Great Hub. Love the pics and wonderful tips here. Thank you for sharing. Voted up for useful.


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