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Tips on How to Keep Your Rabbit Cool This Summer

Updated on April 30, 2015

The Importance of These Tips

When the weather starts to warm up it means that extra steps must be taken to ensure that your rabbit stays comfortable and safe. Direct sun exposure and lack of water are just a few of the dangers to watch out for. Summer can be an especially dangerous time for all pets, including rabbits, so be sure to check out the following tips for how to keep your rabbit cool!

7 Great Tips!

  1. Keep your rabbit(s) supplied with plenty of water at all times! (I add ice cubes for extra cold water to my rabbit's water dish)
  2. If your rabbit lives outdoors, consider bringing your rabbit in to enjoy some air conditioning....or make sure sufficient shade is provided over your rabbit's hutch (never in direct sunlight).
  3. Buy a spray bottle with a mister and use it to mist down your rabbits to keep them cool throughout the day!
  4. Provide plenty of fresh veggies! Veggies carry a natural moisture that help keep your rabbit hydrated.
  5. If your rabbit is indoors, I recommend buying a small fan you can aim in the direction of their hutch.
  6. Help your rabbits out by brushing them regularly in the summer! This will help them aid in shedding their extra fur and will help a lot with keeping cooler.
  7. A great tip I have learned is to buy a couple square pieces of ceramic tile and place them in the freezer to chill and then place them in your rabbit's hutch to provide a cool resting place! (Make sure to re-chill them everyday during the summer!)

Homemade Frozen Rabbit Treats to Keep Cool!

If you suspect your rabbit is suffering from a heat stroke DO NOT WAIT. Take them to your local vet office immediately!

Know the Signs of a Stroke:


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