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Tips on How to Train Your Cat

Updated on September 20, 2010

Tips on How to Train Your Cat

Do you want to learn how to train your cat? Cats can be trained even if so many people disagree.Right now, training your cats at the very comfort of your own home is already an identified reality.Some basic tricks can be taught,like answering to their names, trace or track and some other easy to follow commands. For starters, have your cats checked by the veterinarian to ensure that they'll be a 100% fit for the training. An early diagnosis for any possible illness is easier to cure and preferred, since health issues can make progress in training more difficult to attain. Being able to train your cats at an early age is an advantage and will be easier for you.Here are a few tips on how to train your cat.

Give one instruction at a time.Allow your cat to have baby steps to progress with one command or trick that you may have to repeat for absorption.Giving more than one trick at a time will only confuse your cat.Give a treat to your cat With every successful trick made.Acknowledging what your cat had accomplished will make it remember the task that was taught.A favorite treat or cat food can be your cat's reward for performing a trick properly. Don't forget to say your cat's name whenever you give a certain command.This will reinforce the cat to remember its name and will answer to it when called.In  case you don't see any progress, check if the shifting of commands given are too fast for your cat.Give your cat the next command after it had mastered the first one.In order for the treats to be appealing to your cats, start their training before meals since they would still be hungry.Once appetites are satisfied, your cats may not follow any commands for the rewards are less or of no appeal to them.Also, keep the noise level down when you train your cats.This is done so that the cat won’t get distracted by other noises and will only listen to your voice.Cats get bored easily so remember to keep your training sessions short and sweet.

Remember these tips on how to train your cat and you’ll be able to make your cats follow your command in no time. A well entertained, focused, and happy cat will surely remember those tricks.


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