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Dangerous Dog Toys

Updated on April 16, 2011

Some Examples of Safe Toys

Just because a toy is marketed for dogs, doesn’t mean it’s safe for them to use. There are a lot of companies out there making a fortune on crap toys that can harm your pooch. Today I’m going to list five you should stay away from.

The Tennis Ball

No, that’s not a joke. For starters, large breed dogs can swallow them – which can lead to a painful death. Why would they swallow it? You’d have to ask a dog that question. Just know that some do, and some die. Need another reason to avoid them? A German study was done that suggests the glue used in tennis balls is very damaging to a dog’s tooth enamel. Not to mention, a dog can chew through a tennis ball pretty easily. Do you want to risk them swallowing the pieces? I don’t think you do.

Tug Toys

These specifically encourage a dog to vie for dominance. This can be a problem if your dog already has aggression issues. Don’t engage in these games with your dog, it may seem like fun to you, but every time your dog gets the toy away (whether you let him or not) he is being told he’s the more dominant. And he should never think he’s more dominant than his owner, it will only lead to problems. If you’re currently having issues like this, get rid of that toy, and you will probably get rid of some of that aggression as well.

Cat Toys

Just because it’s a ball, doesn’t mean it’s made for Fido. Cat toys are far less resilient than dog toys and you don’t want pieces breaking off in your pooch’s mouth. Sticks with feathers, balls with bells inside of them, catnip pouches, etc – you need to consider whether or not these are safe for your dog. You may well have to put them out of reach and only bring them out when you are there to supervise Garfield playing with them.

Squeaky Toys

It’s a funny cartoon, the dog swallowing the toy newspaper and squeaking every time he barks. In real life, it would not be funny and would surely require emergency surgery. Don’t tempt your dog with these unless you're there to supervise them. Personally, I don’t keep this kind of toy in my flat, because I don’t want the temptation around. And let’s not forget the most important thing – they are annoying as heck!

Plush Toys

These are sold in pet stores just like you see them in kiddie stores. Hello? It’s a dog, not a child. Fido doesn’t know he’s supposed to cuddle with the teddybear – and when he’s feeling friskie, guess what? Mr. Teddy will be headless, armless and legless before you know it. Do you want to risk him swallowing any of that? Do you want him swallowing the stuffing? I should hope not!

Four Paws Pimple Ball with Bell

It has been said that this toy can "suck" a dog's tongue into the hole and require surgical removal.

Safe, quality toys are easy to find these days, so do Fido a favor and retire anything that fits in the above categories. They aren't worth the risk. If you need ideas for replacements, see my next article, where I will list my favorites.

xx Isabella


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