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Tons of Dog Training but what about Cats?

Updated on June 9, 2010

There are tons of Dog Training DVDs, but what about Cats and Cat Training?

I know that most people make the joke that you cannot train a cat or that a cat actually owns you. The thing is that there are ways to be able to help make your new type A personality housemate more livable.

A couple years ago I ended up rescuing a cat from the animal shelter at a last minute adoption. This was huge for me because not only am I allergic to cats (Zyrtec should be loving me right now since I take it religiously) but I am also more of a dog person,,,well at least I was more of a dog person back then. I ended up bringing my cat home with me and after a while he really grew on me. The problem I had though was that my furniture and apartment was not anywhere near cat friendly.

I called around and asked a few pet experts, like the people at how to train a cat to be more friendly and oddly enough I could not find a solid source. I found hundreds of products and training tips for Dogs by everyone from every walk of life like Ceaser Milan or other well known trainers that released Dog Training DVDs of their own. Although I searched I could not find one that would fit my needs for my cat, so I decided to figure out my own way to help make it so we could live peacefully inside my apartment.

Here are the things I did to help make it so he could have his independence and I could keep my furniture and home looking great.

1. Clawing and tearing up carpets.

I was not ok with spraying him with a spray bottle like some people recommended. Instead I went to a large big box retailer and bought a separate carpet. Whenever I would leave my apartment or go into the bedroom and lock him out, he would start tearing up the carpet by the door. To resolve this I laid the carpet I bought for him by the door and covered it in catnip. Then I would lock him out of the bedroom or leave for a minute and stand on the other side of the door. When he would start digging into the carpets, I would come back in, pick him up and point at the area he was digging then say no. I would then get some catnip and place it on the carpet and show him to dig on this one. After a few weeks I was able to move the digging carpet to its own section out of the way in the apartment and he would go to that and dig up the carpet instead of the carpet by the doors.

2. Litter box training.

For some reason it seems like he already knew to use the litter box. However the scary thing was when I was moving to a different apartment and needed him to use a new one. All I had to do in each new apartment was put him inside the box and walk away. I did find some advice after researching how to retrain your cat to use a littler box and just followed what I learned.

Open the carrying case and pick the cat up. (Do not let it explore first). Carry your cat directly to the litter box and place him/her inside it. Then stand there for a second and say good boy or good girl and then let him/her explore the rest of the house. Your cat will now hopefully remember where the litter box is so they know where to go to when they have to use the bathroom.

3.  Leash training your cat.

I haven't been able to successfully train my cat to walk on a leash so I can take him outside, however I did find this hub about training a cat to walk on a leash and it looks pretty good.  I am probably going to try it. 

I searched for a while to find a cat training book or dvd but unfortunately couldn't find one that would keep my interest or was easy to find. There were a ton of dog training products but not many for cats so I figured lets start a hub real quick and if anyone else has any tips on training your cat, feel free to leave them below. Getting rid of my cat was not an option and neither was negative reinforcement so those are two of the things I did to help make living with my new housemate a bit easier.


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