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Top 10 Dog Breeds that Bite

Updated on December 7, 2013

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Top 10 Dog Breeds that Bite Make good Pets but are Equally Dangerous

One of the most disturbing issues about owning a ferocious dog is the serious legal cases that are associated with top 10 dog breeds that bite. Amongst the top 10 dog breeds that bite are good breeds that make wonderful pet companions. There are good pets since they are very protective and can double up as guard dogs. If you have small children keeping any of the top 10 dogs that bite as pets can be a serious hazard. You should scrutinize the breed temperament and the specific dog before you can decide to adopt once of the top 10 dog breeds that bite.

Hospital Statistics about Top 10 Dog Breeds that Bite

A close look at statistics reveals a worrying trend about the top 10 dogs that bite since in the US alone dog bites account for more than 600 hospital cases and a staggering figure of 16,000 cases that are reported as emergencies. Almost 50% of all these cases that are reported regarding top 10 dog breeds that bite account for the second most reason children in the US require emergency medical attention.

It is for this reason that we should seek to highlight the top 10 dog breeds that bite or are more likely to bite strangers and in worse cases their own masters. Check out these top 10 dog breeds that bite before you think of owning one as a pet.

Some of the fatalities that have been identified pointed out that out of the top 10 dog breeds that bite the pit bulls took the lead accounting to more than 65 % of all fatalities that were caused by the top 10 dogs that bite.

Conculsive List of Top 10 dog breeds that Bite

These are top 10 dog breeds that bite and are commonly regarded as most dangerous dog breeds.

Pit bull

Pit Bull dog breed tops the list of the top 10 dog breeds that bite and have been known to cause serious fatalities in humans. Pit bulls are known for their bravery and fearlessness. They are feared since they have been reported to maul humans to death. They are however good guard dogs and to some people they make good pets.


Rottweiler dogs are territorial dog breeds making them earn the number two in the list of the top 10 dog breeds that bite. This makes them perfect guard dogs. They are also dangerous when they age since they suffer from amnesia and may even attack their master.

Doberman Pinschers

Doberman Pinschers are known for intelligence and being loyal. They are amongst the top 10 dog breeds that bite since they attack when they are provoked. They are generally considered to be the best of all dog breeds for purpose of guarding.

Presa Canario

Presa Canario dogs are known for their man stopping ability, power and bravery. They are simply dangerous creatures. For this reason they have their number amongst the top 10 dog breeds that bite people.


According to statistics of the late 19th century huskies caused a reasonable amount of fatalities and therefore they are regarded as dogs that bite.

German Shepherds

No doubt that German Shepherds make great companion dogs and working dogs but they can as well beferocious and bite. They have been known world over to make the best police dogs due to their intelligence and bravery.

Chow Chow

Are independent dog breed that can be aggressive and bite especially when they are cross bred with other breeds that are here in the list of the top 10 dog breeds that bite.

Alaskan Malamutes

The dog breed is characterized by high vigor and energy and disobedient. They can also be bad and bite at times.


They are known for their good memory and ability to survive. They can be provoked by strangers and they may be aggressive and bite strangers.


They are aggressive from their genetic makeup and they have high energy levels. This makes them aggressive and can easily bite.

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Most of these dogs that make up this list of the top 10 dog breeds that bite do not necessarily bite if they are trained well. You should pay more attention to helping your dog socialize and get used to people. You should not neglect or isolate your dog since this can be one of the causes that dogs develop tendencies to bite.

Good Luck



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    • infoweekly profile image

      infoweekly 3 years ago from South Africa

      I think it's how people raise their dogs. I've had german shepards and none of them have even even nipped someone

    • profile image

      Robert Saxton 3 years ago

      You may have a law degree but you need to work on your statistics. Try finding out the real truth about what dog breeds are actually most likely to bite someone. Also take into account that most dog bite by "American PitBulls" are reported because the public and media has misinformed EVERYONE about this natures breed. Even Police officers and Veterinarians will tell you if the dog is categorized as one of the publics "dangerous" dog breeds, these dog bites will be reported because the public has been spoon fed that these breeds are vivacious and if they bite once they will bite again. Of all the other dog breeds almost 60% of those dog bite victims will not report these incidents because they see it as a one time incident and these dogs are not labeled by people like yourself as one of the dangerous dog breeds. So all of your so called knowledge on dog bites and about the dangers of owning one of these breed of dogs 100% way off base. You are misinforming the public and labeling these breeds as dangerous when there is nothing further from the truth.

      If a PitBull is dangerous and so prone to biting people, then why are they still allowed as pets or family dogs? Why does Fairfax County not have a breed restriction on these so called dangerous breeds. Stop calling yourself and expert in dog bites when your not even educated in dog breeds.

    • profile image

      Jim 3 years ago

      You sir are an idiot. How do you write an article stating that pitbulls cause "serious fatalities in humans". First off, i've never heard of a not so serious fatality. Second, chihuahua's and pomeranians are more likely to bite a person than a pitbull. And Lastly, ANY DOG WILL BITE WHEN PROVOKED... you can't just pick the bigger ones and blame them! Any dog that attacks unprovoked does so because their OWNER FAILED THEM, not because they failed to be a good dog. A dogs purpose is to serve their pack (master) to the best of their ability. Saying that a certain breed is aggressive is like saying all African Americans smoke crack or all Mexicans are drunken waste cases. Get a life and do some research before you add to the public hysteria about a subject you CLEARLY know NOTHING about!

    • profile image

      Jen 3 years ago

      Always some little ankle-biter.

    • profile image

      Kathy Gaffney 3 years ago

      SERIOUSLY - Who in the NAME of God writes this crap??? Are they actually PAID for making stuff up that people who know little to nothing will "buy" about dogs?? Rottweilers suffer from AMNESIA & will "turn" on their owner??? There is NO such malady as a medical diagnosis & ANY licensed vet can verify. Boxers are "aggressive" due to "genetic makeup???" What the hell is the looney-tune even talking about??? That they were bred as patrol dogs & used by the German militia half a century ago? This article is so FULL of idiotic fabricated statements that it merely documents one thing & one thing alone: You GENUINELY CANNOT believe much of what you read on the internet. Wow. GRADE "A" TRASH. Disgraceful.

    • profile image

      Chris 3 years ago

      I have had pit bulls and American bulldogs...neither have EVER caused any problems for me or my neighbors, and I DO NOT let them roam...even on my own property. I have been bitten by SMALL dogs.....dachshund took a chunk of flesh right out of my hand, and miniature poodles. Chihuahas (spelling, sorry)....are also a big problem. I have a friend with 10 of them...they poop and pee all over her furniture, floors, and bite people constantly. I would rather have big dogs than a small dog anyday. I had one blogger tell me an article he read about a chihuaha mix dog that bit kids wasn't a problem...the owner was. He said the dog was only a "nip nip" dog....????? I told him small dog, smaller bite, big dog, bigger bite. I felt this dog should have been euthanized, since it's bitten so many kids. My neighbor's dog was a small spaniel, and he went up to their baby toddling on the floor and bit it in the face, and ripped the skin so that the baby needed several plastic surgeries. I guess it's not only big dogs that need guidance.

    • profile image

      Michelle Nickerson 3 years ago

      I worked at a vet clinic/boarding/grooming facility. We handled dogs from Irish wolf hounds, pits, dobermans, etc. all the way down to mini chihuahuas and yorkies. The only type of dog that ever bit me was a chow. It happened twice by separate dogs. They gave no warning sign, in fact one was wagging his tail right when he bit. I had other aggressive dogs but they had warning signs and you knew when to avoid contact with them.

    • profile image

      Julie Freberge 4 years ago

      As a vet tech and dog groomer for over 35 years the only time I got bit by any on that list was 1time by chow.All others were from s.small dogs.Lhasa's,cockers toy poodles.NEVER shepherd, Rotting,Pit,Dobie etc.Plus I've always picked up strays,yes Pits too.A lot of people don't report smaller breeds.They can do a lot of damage.I can't feel my thumb from a bad dog bite from a bichon mix.Almost ripped my whole thumb off.Large dog bites are reported every time.

    • profile image

      Christine Angelson 4 years ago

      I've had personal experience with many of these breeds, and I really think that, like children, dogs learn what they live.(many will be familiar with that piece that you often find in doctor's offices.) I had a boxer when I was an infant until I was 5; she used to gently take my mom's wrist in her mouth to stop her from spanking me; it was a sight that amazed people! I then grew up with a pure-bred Gherman Shepherd; she was amazingly intelligent, sweet and gentle, and the neighborhood kids would come over to visit and play with her, even after I went away to school! The first dog I had on my own was a Great Dane/Labrador mix, 150 lbs; wonderful loving dog, who used to carry our little kitten around the house in his mouth like a mother cat would! Labs are known for having a "soft mouth", and can even carry an egg w/o breaking it! Most recently, I've had two incredibly wonderful, loving and gentle dogs; a Shepherd/Husky mixthat might have had a bit of wolf in her; and a pure-bred black Lab...both dogs were wonderful with our cats, snuggling and playing with them; my Cleo(shep/husky mix)even nursed a motherless kitten for months, even starting to lactate! My lab, Cosmo, would even let the cats eat from his food bowl, chew on his biscuits and rawhides, and play with his ears and whiskers. My one black kitten grew up with him, and seems to have imprinted that Cosmo is his parent; he follows him everywhere, and imitates almost everything he does! I also once save a chow, who had sat by my car all day while I was at work; brought him some water and hamburger at lunchtime; after questioning the kids and parents to see if he lived in the neighborhood, I decided I had to take him somewhere...(was cold and snow)opened up my back door, and he jumped right in! I took him to the city kennel; (APL wouldn't take him)and an ac officer came out w a pole; he got quite agitated and started snarling. But that dog never acted that way with me. Once inside, as they looked him over, they found, underneath all the long, dirty, matted fur, a collar-with dog tags! ("A lost dog's ticket home")he was from a county 40-50 miles west of us, at the very least. Poor dog had been travelling! But IMHO, dogs behave as they have been raised. And also, from my experience and that of many friends, small dogs are far more likely to bite; their size makes them feel more vulnerable.

    • profile image

      Mckenzie 4 years ago

      German shepherds are one of the most sweetest dogs I have ever met!

    • profile image

      Lori 4 years ago

      I own 2 pitbull sand have never been bitten or have had anyone in my home bitten I have 4 children ranging from ages 3 to 14 and have owned my oldest pitbull for 8 and 1/2 years I have been bitten by a boatmen terrier and a shit zu . In fact my 3 yr old lays rolls and plays with both my dogs along with my other children who are 7 , 11, and 14 and my 9and 1/2 yr old pitbull was rescued by me from a fighting ring he is along with my 4 yr old pit are the sweetest and most loyal dogs I have ever met

    • profile image

      Melanie 4 years ago

      I've had Siberians my whole life, out of 12 none have ever bitten anyone.

    • profile image

      ryan 4 years ago

      I would like to see where you got your statistics from, or if you are simbly ranking these dogs according to their reputation. Not only that but your personality desciption, for some of these dogs also needs some revising. So the next time you want to post something bashing these animals please at least site a credible source!

    • profile image

      Melissa 4 years ago

      I agree for the most part , but I think German Shepards get a bad rap. They are used as Police Dogs, and in the Military. If a police dog bites someone it is mandatory that they go to the hospital. I have an American bulldog, a Pit bull , and recently added a Cane corso to my family. I am curious about trying to learn more about Corsos. Also with statistics I never really understood how they make any sense. It is like saying you have a better chance of getting in a plane crash than getting hit by a car. Well Obviously. Millions of people fly every year, Only a few go swimming with Sharks. In America allot of people have Pit bulls, not many have rare breeds like a Cane Corso or a Canary dog. If you have 10 thousand Pit bulls in a city and 1 thousand cane corsos for example. If you get 200 reports of pit bull bites, and 200 Corso bites. That throws your statistic rate WAYYYYYYY off for me

    • profile image

      Eric 4 years ago

      I've lived around GSD's and Doberman's almost my whole life. I've never been bitten by either breed.I have been bitten 3 times in my life by dog's though and all 3 times it was the same breed, miniature poodles!

      There was never any real damage however, because of the size of the dog's but wow! My wife calls this "little dog syndrome" or LDS for short.

    • profile image

      robert 4 years ago

      I own 2 pit bulls. I have never been bit nor has anyone showing up to my houSe when im home. i am a firm believer in using my dogs for friends first protection second. the people who are usually bit by dogs don't know a wink about animal behavior. Its sad that this list depicts only the breeds that have caused injury. Every dog will bite and when prevoked or trained to do so but they will be your best friend otherwise.they will. That's is a dogs job. The owners responsibility is to teach the dog when and when not to protect and serve. My dogs will bite you if you come in my hoise when im not home or physically harm me or my wife while in there vacinity. Exactly what they are supposes to do.

    • profile image

      inkdk9 4 years ago

      I have owned Presa Canarios for 12 yrs and have never has any of my dogs or my rescue Presa's every bite someone. Why would you put them on a list that doesn't have Dachshunds, Chihuahua, Cocker Spaniels, or English bulldogs. I am a Vet tech and we see these breeds with warning signs on there cages more then any of the breeds on this list b/c they are out to bite w/o a warning. The breeds you have on this list will warn you first before biting you. You would really do your homework before you put a list out like this. SHAME ON YOU!!

    • profile image

      greytdog 4 years ago

      Recently experienced a team of 2 yorkies who one approaching a greyhound from the front while the other attacked from the back. The google search isn't showing the enormity of the problem yet but these small dogs can be vicious and dangerous. Thanks for pointing this out Miki.

    • Peteducationinfo profile image

      Peteducationinfo 5 years ago

      Thanks you for your contribution

    • MickiS profile image

      MickiS 5 years ago from San Francisco

      Very informative Hub, and I agree with your point that owners need to take responsibility for training their dogs properly.

      However, I do think that this list is a little misleading. These are the top 10 breeds that cause the most damage when they bite (mostly due to their size and jaw strength). However, the top 10 list of breed that most *frequently* bite include breeds like the Dachshund and the Yorkshire terrier. However, given their tiny size (e.g. Yorkies are typically 3-5 pounds) and small jaws, they cause little to no damage. Any almost never the kind of bites that result in emergency room visits.