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Top 10 Folk Tale About Pet Food and Nutrition

Updated on January 31, 2018

There’s a lot of misleading information about the right ingredients used in pet food. The Pet Food Institute (PFI) help consumers by providing information about pet food. This information help consumer make an informed decision when buying good food for their pet. Here are the top 10 folk tale about pet food that we hear, let’s find out the truth behind them:

Dry Food Will “de-hydrated” Your Pet: Pets need plenty of water to drink, and many pet food companies provide hydration guidelines on pet food packages. To absorb and digest the nutrients provided in pet food, you have to ensure that your pet is properly hydrated.
Dry, wet, fresh, raw-infused- these are the commercial food recipes that provide good nutrition for your pet. More than 30 different nutrients in total. Each of these recipes packed with protein, carbohydrate, vitamins and amino acids.

Carbohydrates are not good for your pets: Not true at all. In fact, carbohydrates are proved beneficial to cats and dogs. Carbohydrates actually give quick energy to your pet that helps spare nutrition. Carbohydrates are packed with fiber that increases gut health and motility.

Dry Food keeps your pet’s teeth clean: When dogs eat kibble, they either swallow it or shatter it. Dogs and cats have teeth with sharp edges, not flat. These teeth are designed to bite and chew raw meat. Kibble isn’t good for your pet’s teeth because it scapes down into gums and lower teeth, which is where the real dental problems start. Offering raw diet and meaty bone to chew, these are important for your dog or cat’s oral hygiene and also clean your pet’s mouth.

Allergies from commercial pet food: Less than 8% of pets with food allergies. Food allergies mostly cause itching and scratching in pets. If you think your dog or cat suffering from allergy, take your pet to a veterinarian. Commercial food packed with high proteins and other food ingredients that help your pets with severe allergies.

Only “Complete and balanced” food: Is every meal you eat is complete? Even the most of us don’t worry about complete and balance food or proper balance food. Many of us take vitamin pills to complete healthy diet. Feeding different types of food is the key to a healthy diet for your pets. Don’t worry about complete food, if you feeding at least 50% commercially prepared food to your pet they get enough nutrients. Also adding cooked meat and fresh vegetables to your pet’s regular meal will increase overall nutrition. Multi-vitamin will adds extra energy to your meal.

Is it OK for dog and cat to swipe each others food: Canned foods are available that meet the requirement of both species, Canned food is specifically designed for dogs and cats. Cats food requires more protein and fat than most dogs. Dogs that eat too much, on the other hand should not eat cat food. cats food is filled with higher weight gain protein. Cats can eat dog food, and it wont hurt them but it is good to feed them there on food do to the nutrient stats.

Changing of pet food brand cause digestion problem: You can feed different food at each meal to your pets without issue as long as the food quality is good. When you feed your pets same food for months, they develop sensitivities to particular food. Many veterinarians believe that feeding same food for months can cause inflammatory bowel disease.
When you feeding diet food to your pets don’t forget to add supplements. These can help to transform from one food type to another with ease. Also, help to maintain a healthy digestive system. If you do switch and your dog or cat has problem its due to the ingredients, find another food to use. if that is the case.

High protein diet cause kidney issue: The truth is poor quality food include protein from soy and corn. This type of food is not good option for aging pets. Your dogs and cats are not able to digest high amount of protein ingredients at once. Avoid soy and corn when choosing a healthy, high protein diet for your pet. Feed your pets named meals (like chicken meal) as the primary protein source. This way you can make sure your pets receive best natural diet.

Pet Food Regulation: Commercially-prepared pet food is observed and well understood. Pet food companies are investing time and a massive amount of money for advance food quality and safety. All pet food must meet standards set by U.S Food and Drug Administration. But that does not mean some are more healthy than others. Ingredients matter.

Frozen raw diets are the bad option: Dogs and cats digestive system are very different from each other. If you feed raw meat you need to take precautions, wash bowls before feeding, keep meat frozen for at least two to four days, don’t leave the pet food down more than 40 minutes. Keep track of your pet's health, use common sense, and feed healthy food to your pets.

Don’t be fooled by labels, see or hear. Do your homework before buying pet food. Make sure you give your pet right food so that your pet enjoy a long, healthy life.


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