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Top 10 List of Best Unique Female Dog Names

Updated on August 27, 2012

How to Choose a Good Name for Your Female Dog

You have a female dog and are wondering what to name her. There are many girl dog names that you can select from. Some people like to name their dog from a city name like Paris. Some like to name their dogs after cars such as Porsche. Others love to pick cute female dog names such as Foxy or Ladybug. Others like to give their dogs unique female dog names.

Choosing a name for your dog can be a reflection of yourself, what you love, how you feel about the world and your own tastes. You may have wanted a name that your parents didn't give you and so you name your dog that name. You may name you dog after an event in your life so that you won't forget it. Or you may give your dog a name that doesn't make any sense, save to you.

When first bringing home a puppy, you'll want to get some dog training advice.

Here are ten names that you may like.

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Ten Female Dog Names

Isis- Isis was the name of an Egyptian Goddess. She ruled with her husband over all the the Land of Egypt, until Set her evil brother killed and overthrew her husband, to become Pharaoh. She had many adventures in the attempt to find her husbands body.

Dixie - There is a German and English meaning to this word. The English means - Strong power, hardy power. The German meaning is - Stout, thickset and thicket.

Pixy - This name comes from the Celtics and means small elf and fairy. It's good for a small and cute dog.

Kizmet - This name comes from the vast endless sands of Arabia. It is a girls name which means fate.

Xena - Xena is a Greek name which means "quest stranger". Or you could be a big fan of the popular TV show Xena.

Cleopatra - She was an Egyptian queen that took life by the horns. She bowed to none and she was an expert politician.

Waqi - This is another name that comes from Arabia. It means falling.

Karma - This name comes from the Far East. The origin is Hindi and Sanskrit. Karma means Fate or Destiny.

Lexxa - This name is a variant of the name Alexandra, which is Greek and means "Man's Defender".

Athena - This is a name of a Greek Goddess. She was known for war, the arts and wisdom.

Where You can get Ideas for Other Names

If you don't like these names or want something else. You can name your dog after your favorite female star on TV or the Movies. You can name your dog after an animal such as Raven or Falcon. You can name her after her personillity. If she is always happy you could call her Happy or Spunky. You can name your female dogs after famous women in history.

If you live alone you have no one to consider but yourself. You can name your dog whatever name that you want. If you live in a family it is wise to include everyone's input for a name.

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    • Solaras profile image

      Solaras 4 years ago

      I have a Pixie! Thanks for posting these names; I'm tired of hearing Sadie, Sally and Molly. Voted thumbs up!