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Top 10 Most Dangerous Semi Wild Dogs

Updated on October 20, 2016

Do you like a dog which is naturally healthy, independent, Quick learning, need less grooming and available in budget. Then you can check these semi domesticate dogs, which are domesticated from free roaming primitive dogs, which were not an artificially selected breed, but a Land race. The history of these dogs, was relied on natural selection and best suitability. You can refer this article to find the best dogs that make a good pet, after their evolution into domestic dogs.

10. Shikoku Ken

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Shikoku ken is a primitive dog from the Spitz family of dogs, Originated from Shikoku island in Japan. Shikoku has a short double coat, erected ears, curled tail and is a healthy and hardy dog with compact, feature and strong paw, which helps them to run through a tough mountainous region. It was a free running dog that has dominant and aggressive nature and need a firm owner and early training and socialization. The American Kennel Club recently added Shikoku dogs to the AKC FSS standard.


Origin: Japan

Height: Male: 7 - 21 inches (46 - 52 cm)

Weight: Male: 35 - 50 pounds (16 - 26 kg)

Lifespan: 10-12 years

9. Bac Ha Dog

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Back ha dogs are an ancient, medium sized, naturally healthy, intelligent and sturdy dog breed from Vietnam. They got their breed name after their native living in Bac Ha, Lao CAI Province. Their breed history is not much clear, but most of experts and breeders consider they are descended from Tibetan mastiff. They are sturdy and courageous dogs that were used for hunting, companion by local people.
Back ha dogs are highly appreciated for their courage, devotion and protection. Though they are primitive type semi domesticated dogs, which have dominant and territorial nature and need firm owner.

Physical Traits


Origin: Vietnam

Height: Average 19 to 22 Inches

Weight: Average between 25-35kg.

Life Span 12 - 14 years

8. Yakutian-Laika

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Yakutian Laika (Yakut Laika) is a new breed from Russia, This is developed from originates from the Yakutia region of the Russian Siberia by modifying the ancient native (Laika: An ancient available, primitive dog of working category). They are medium sized hardy dogs, which have double, long and thick coat, and are suitable for arctic region.

The primitive ancestor dogs, of Yakutian Laikas were developed by native Yakut people for hunting, companion and to work as sledge dog. Modern Yakutian Laika had inherited their characters and are aggressive to predators and have an excellent sense of smell and hunting instinct.

Physical Standards

Origin: Russia

Height: Males 53–56 centimetres (21–22 in), Females 52–55 centimetres (20–22 in)

Weight: Average between 25-42 kg (No Standard Data Available)

Life Span: Average, 12 - 14 years

7. Telomian Dogs

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Telomian dogs are an ancient dog breed from indigenous people of Malaysia, which got their name after their native place of origin “Telomian River” in Malaysia. They have some wild characters and many experts believe that they may be the missing link between the Basenji and Australian Dingos. They are recognized in West, since 1963, after an anthropologist Dr Orville Elliot, introduced them. They have an exceptional ability to climb on tree like Asiatic wild dog and New Guinea Singing dogs. Telomians are very active, intelligent, friendly and affectionate dogs.

Physical Traits


Origin: Malaysia

Height: 15 to 19 inches

Weight: 18 to 28 lbs

Life Span: Average, 12 - 14 years

6. Nepali Mountain Dog

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Nepali Mountain Dog or Nepali hill Dog
Nepali Mountain Dog or Nepali hill Dog
Nepali Mountain Dog or Nepali hill Dog | Source

Nepali mountain dogs are ancient native dogs from, Nepal, which are also known as a Himalayan sheep dog or Pahari kukur and available in the Himalayan region of India, Bhutan. They are free roaming dog in mountain area of Himalaya, mainly in Nepal.
They are a giant, powerful dog with a long coat and strong muzzle, many breeders and experts believe they are the ancestors of Tibetan mastiffs. They make a good pet and watch dog, which are very friendly, devoted dogs and protective to their owner.

Physical Traits


Physical Traits

Origin: Nepal

Height: Male 38–60 kg., female 32–50 kg.

Weight: Male 65–75 cm., female 60–70 cm.

Life span: 11-14 years

5. Formosan Mountain Dogs

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The Formosan Mountain Dog is a multi-purpose dog of working category, originated from the island of Taiwan. They are also known as also known as the Formosan Native Dog, Formosan Aboriginal Dog, Formosan Dog, Formosan Hunting Dog, Formosan, Native Formosan Dog, Native Taiwanese Dog, Taiwanese Dog, Taiwanese Native Dog, Taiwanese Aboriginal Dog, and Taiwanese Mountain dogs.

They are introduced to endangered and now days, it’s difficult to find a pure breed Farmosan dog. Though a good effort by some native fanciers to save them is effective and now they are growing. Farmason dogs are agile, sturdy and athletic dogs. They are excellent hunters that are known for their jumping skills and chasing in the mountains. They are very devoted and protective of their own, but have bit reserved approach with strangers and don’t welcome other pets.

Physical Traits

Formosan Mountain Dogs
Formosan Mountain Dogs | Source

Origin: Taiwan

Height: Male: 19–20 inches (48–52 cm), Female: 17–19 inches (43–47 cm)

Weight: Male: 31–40 lbs (14–18 kg), Female: 26–35 lbs (12–16 kg)

Lifespan: 10 – 13 years

4. Africanis Maluti Dogs

Click thumbnail to view full-size | Source

The History of Africani Dogs is not clear, they are an ancient dog breed originated from Africa. The oldest fossils of Africani dogs, found in the Nile estuary and dated to 4 500 BC, indicate that they are the descended from wild wolf packs of Arabia and India, who arrived with the people of the Nile valley.
Africani dogs are semi wild dogs which were pariah type dogs from rural areas. Which are active, sturdy, friendly and territorial dogs that make a good pet and excellent watch dog and need less care and grooming.

Physical Traits


Origin: African continent

Height: Between 50 to 60 cms or 20-24 inches.

Weight: Between 25-45 kgs

Life span: 10-12 years

3. Canaan Dog

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Canaan Dog
Canaan Dog
Canaan Dog | Source

Canaan Dogs are square-shaped, medium-sized, semi wild dogs from Israel, which are healthy and sturdy dogs that have excellent stamina and strength. They are naturally selected Landrace and healthy and sturdy dogs and need less grooming and vet visit. But they have hunting comportment in their blood and were free roaming animals, so they pose aggression to other pets and dominant behavior and need early socialization and training, also they need a firm and dominant owner.

A systematic breeding program for Cannas dogs was started by Dr. Rudolphina Menzel in 1934. And after her death in 1973, Shaar Hagai Kennels managed the breeding of Canaan dogs. They are recognized by the Israel Kennel Club since 1953 and kennel Club of UK, started recognizing them since December 1970.They are intelligent, tireless and alert dogs that make a good sight hound and watch dog.

Physical Traits


Origin: Israel

Height: Male 20–24in (51–62 cm), Female 18–23 in (46–58 cm)

Weight: Male 40–50 kg (44–66 lb), Female 35–45 kg (33–55 lb)

Life span: over 15 years

2. Carolina Dog

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Carolina dogs are semi domesticated primitive type dogs from USA. They are naturally selected land-race, which are naturally healthy, intelligent and make a good pet. These multi-talented dogs are good for sight hound dog, personal protection and guarding. Also they make a good family pet that are god with children and family members. Though they are free roaming pariah dogs, which are territorials and less reliable with other pets and strangers.

It’s commonly believed that they are the descendant from Indian /Asian pariah dogs –

Reference from: "Dogs of the American Aborigines"
By, Glover Morrill Allen
Published in 1920, the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard College.
- Allen postulated that these "Larger or Common Indian Dogs" were descended from Asian primitive dogs.

Physical Traits


Origin: America

Height: 45 – 61 cm

Weight: 15 – 20 kg

Life span: over 15 years

1. Indog (Pariah Dog)

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Pariah Dog (Indog)
Pariah Dog (Indog)
Pariah Dog (Indog)

The Indogs are medium sized, primitive type dogs from Indian sub-continent that are also known as Pariah Dog, Desi Kutta, Kukur. They are naturally selected dogs which are self –dependent and sturdy dogs that don’t have any health concerns. They are believed to be the oldest dog breed on earth that has available history, since 15,000 years ago. According to National geographic film "Search for the first dog", Probably Egyptian and Indian dogs were the first domesticated dog breed.

Also, they are supposed to be the ancestors for many other dog breeds like African, Cannon and Carolina dog. As per recent DNA test report Pariah dogs are the genetic source for "Australian Dingos". Years back they were brought to Australia by Indian Sea feral. They are easily available in any part of INDIA, but original pariah dogs are rarely available in cities where they are mixed with free roaming pariah and imported pedigree dogs.

Physical Traits

Origin: India

Height: Male 20–25 in (51–64 cm), Female 18–23 in (46–58 cm)

Weight: Male 20–30 kg (44–66 lb), Female 15–25 kg (33–55 lb)

Life span: 14 - 15 years

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