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Top 10 Most Funny Looking Animals in the World

Updated on January 18, 2020
Mohammad Saif profile image

Mohammad Saif is an aspiring Pakistani writer with the aim to reach out to the world and make a niche for himself.

I am beautiful in every single way
I am beautiful in every single way

You know that mother nature always advances, never repeating itself, to create diverse creatures and landscapes. However, ever so rarely, nature can really mess up the chain of evolution to create the oddest of beings. Some of the animals on this list surprise even the most experienced biologists and might leave you scratching your head over the beauty standards of the animal kingdom. So without further ado, let's get started.

Top 10 Funny Looking Animals

  1. Red lipped bat fish
  2. Snub nosed monkey
  3. Potoo bird
  4. Bubble eye gold fish
  5. Penis snake
  6. Bald uakari
  7. Blob fish
  8. Proboscis monkey
  9. Gloster Canary
  10. Baboon

Come give mama a kiss!
Come give mama a kiss!

1. Red Lipped Batfish

This has got to be my top pick for the most funny looking animal in this world. This freaky looking fish looks like a crab just discovered makeup but don't be fooled by those juicy florescent red lips since this bat fish is a type of angler fish, just like the nightmare met by Nemo and Dori in the deep sea. Moreover, the lips are actually believed to be used to seduce males of the same species; this species gets right down to business if you know what I mean!

This hot mama also has a lifespan of 12 years which it spends in the protected area of the Galapagos Island. The red lipped bat fish is a carnivorous fish and enjoys cracking the shells off of crabs and eating small fish that dare to pass it's gaze. Surprisingly, just like the angler fish from Finding Nemo, this fish is able to flash a strong light to attract it's prey and feast on them once they get close enough. If you are thinking of keeping this fish as a pet, then you are in bad luck, since it enjoys a dark atmosphere in peace and quite. Doesn't this fish remind you of somebodies grandma? If so mention it in the comments.

Got any more Botox?
Got any more Botox?

2. Snub Nosed Monkey

What is up with mother nature and fat lips! It seems that plastic surgeons have been dumping their Botox injections into rain forests all to often or maybe these monkeys just discovered the amazing world of lip pumping devices. Moving on, this variety of monkeys communicate in a unique way in which they don't move their bodies or faces, and make shrill loud noises because well... why not! Sadly though, these awesome monkeys are quickly becoming extinct due to hunting and deforestation activities, since they live their lives hanging and swinging on tall trees which are being cut down by the dozen every day.

You gotta admit, the resemblance is uncanny! Now you know what inspired Micheal Jackson to get into so much of plastic surgery. These types of monkeys are extremely social creatures which snuggle together when they sleep and hang on trees with their thick furry tails during the day. These monkeys can be found primarily in China and are estimated to be around 15,000 in number according to the IUCN. A picture is worth a thousand words but seeing them up close is a totally different experience, especially since these creatures are able to make loud noises without moving their lips, just like a ventriloquist's puppet.

I might just stare you to death!
I might just stare you to death!

3. Potoo Bird

This bird might just be the most funny animal in the world. Credited with the name, "Cartoon Bird", this bird is more than just a goofy face. These birds have been the subject of many spooky folklore and for good reason. Their squawks sound like an synchronized array of flute like tones and their cries are said to bring about a feeling of intense sadness. These birds were actually found everywhere during the prehistoric times but now they can only be found in a few forests of Ecuador. Moreover, these birds are apex predators and have the super power to able to look at their prey even with their eyes closed and chomp them down with their insanely huge mouths afterwards.

I think I'm gonna puke!
I think I'm gonna puke!

4. Bubble Eye Goldfish

When it comes to funny animals, this peculiar gold fish surely seems to leave a mark. Luckily enough thanks to China, these type of fish are domesticated and are available to keep as pets in various fish stores worldwide. By now, you might have noticed the huge sacs of disappointment hanging down from it's cheeks and because of this literal baggage, these fish have to swim extra carefully and slowly to avoid bursting their bubbles (Pun intended).

The bubble eye gold fish is available in a wide array of colors and are one of the most sough after species for fish lovers and aquarium owners. On top of that, these fancy fish make for very fragile pets that can live for upto 6-7 years if you keep their sacs from exploding i.e. On the plus side, their sacs keep on growing as they mature and within two years, the fish are able to breed and produce a crazy amount of offspring. Fun fact: these fish are the product of heavy hybridization of gold fish which to many seems unethical since the sacs can impair their quality of life.

They told me I could be anything, so I became a penis
They told me I could be anything, so I became a penis

5. Penis snake

Who says God doesn't have a sense of humor! This abomination gives us all the more reason to hate snakes however, as funny as this sounds, this creature is neither snake nor penis. It's actually a limbless, lungless amphibian and little to none is known about this species. Native to the Amazon Forest and it's river tributaries, this species is a rare specimen with rare characteristics. One interesting fact about the "Penis snake" is that the mother snake produces a fat layer of skin which her children then consume after birth. Yeah, I know it's gross but what do you expect out of a penis snake anyway!

Taking blushing to a whole new level
Taking blushing to a whole new level

6. Bald Uakari

If you confused this monkey's head for a traffic stop sign, you won't be the only one to do so. Moreover, the Bald Uakari, pronounced as "Wakari" have the shortest tails in the monkey kingdom and they wag them, hilariously enough, when they are excited. Moreover, the redder their faces, the more attractive and healthy they are assumed to be for their mates. They can also change the shade of faces to communicate certain emotions and when threatened, these primates will erect their fur and make sharp clicking noises to ward of enemies. If you ever heard them talk, you'd probably find them extremely amusing since their voices resemble hysterical laughter.

Sadly just like every other rare species, these magnificent beasts are now vulnerable to extinction due to deforestation and the hellish forest fires that recently struck the Amazon forests (AKA their natural habitat).

My Fat Blobbiness makes you my slave!
My Fat Blobbiness makes you my slave!

7. Blob Fish

Go home evolution, you're drunk! but seriously, have we found the new face for Monday because this fish might just be the ocean's ugliest mug. Being this ugly has it's merits though since this deep sea creature has gained a lot of popularity through memes, songs and even t-shirts made in its honor.

Contrary to popular belief, the blob fish doesn't actually look all that bad. In fact, due to being pulled from the deep sea to the surface, the lack of pressure causes the fish to bloat. Also, since this fish doesn't have a skeletal system unlike most fish, the blob fish is not able to maintain a normal fish like shape when brought to the surface. Come to think of it, it's sad why we poach these creatures just for our amusement. Here is how the fish actually looks in it's natural habitat:

Since 2003, one fish caught by the NORFANZ expedition became the face of this fish's fame. It was famously names, Mr. Blobby by the crew members that caught it 3300 meters below the surface. This fish even has a cafe opened in its name in London named cleverly as the "Blobfish cafe". One might wonder how the blob fish spends it day, well... it might not come as a surprise that the blob fish will sit around like a blob most of it's day and rarely hunt for food. As popular as they are, Blobfish are actually not even classified and their only predators seem to that one human that captured a specimen. So basically, chill life and non stopping blobbing, is how a blobfish do!

They call me Donald Trump's fourth son. I don't deny the claims
They call me Donald Trump's fourth son. I don't deny the claims

8. Proboscis Monkey

Squidward just got tough competition! This funny looking abomination actually has a long lifespan of over 30 years and is one of the largest monkeys, native to Asia. Weirdly enough, this species is considered a delicacy in the islands of Borneo and are are even used to make traditional Chinese medicines; Talk about being unlucky!

Reminiscent of the weird villager humans in mine craft, these monkeys are not only famous for their huge noses but also for their protruding stomachs which makes you wonder why God hates these creatures so much. These beer bellied monkeys typically only eat unripe fruits and are equipped with webbed feet, allowing them to swim in swamps, making them the most aquatic equipped monkeys on the planet.

My Mom chose my haircut!
My Mom chose my haircut!

9. Gloster Canary

These bowl cut cuties, make for iconic pets and are actually very easy to care for and keep. Moreover, these canaries are able to produce melodious tunes and chirps that are never over the top or too dull. They are also available in a wide variety of colors ranging from yellow, grayish yellow to even blue and white. They are often credited as the perfect pet in fact, due to their docile and amiable nature.

We saw your mother skinny dipping
We saw your mother skinny dipping

10. Hatchet Fish

The name of this nightmare comes from the shape of this animal, i.e. a hatchet. Since these are deep sea fish, one might mark them safe from a hatchet fish attack. However, surprisingly enough the hatchet fish is able to jump out of the water to feed on mosquitoes and can even fly out of the water for short periods of time. If that wasn't enough, this species of fish is also luminescent, meaning that it can glow in the dark; an ability it uses to escape predators and in mating rituals.

Sadly or lucky for some, hatchet fish only live for about a year after which they transform into nightmarish ghouls that haunt our dreams. These fish have extremely complex and well developed eyes that are able to zoom in and out like binoculars to search for prey. They are also able to look above themselves at all times to quickly evade any surprise attacks from above. Last but not least, these fish will spend the day in the depths of the ocean and hunt for food on the surface at night, due to their extremely light sensitive eyes.

It seems that mostly monkeys and fish have topped our list of the most funny animals in the world. In any case, share this post with your friends and family to let them know about the funniest looking animals that can be found on this planet. Also let us know which animal you thought was the funniest out of the list. Our top pick would be the bat eye fish since it reminds the author of his Grandma's weird friend!

Which animal do you think is the most funny out of the ten?

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© 2020 Mohammad Saif


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