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The 10 True Hybrid and Cross Breed dogs

Updated on December 31, 2017

The Hybrid Dog Breeds

Biologically dogs are the member of the Canidae family, of carnivorous that includes domestic dogs, wolves, foxes, jackals, coyotes, and many other extant and extinct dog-like mammals. Australian Dingo and Indian Dhole are the new members of carnivorous family and been considered as a separate subspecies. The dogs are the member sub-species of wolf (Canis lupus familiaris) and addressed to dog Canidae family. Commonly we use the term Hybrid for a designer, cross-breed or mixed-breed dogs, which is incorrect. Breeding between same canid (Dog canidae family) is not a hybrid.

Kotpies (The True Cat Dog Hybrid)
Kotpies (The True Cat Dog Hybrid) | Source

When we use the term “hybrid breed” that refer the cross breeding between two different species. So breeding between dog with any other carnivorous member (Wolf, Coyote, foxes, jackals, coyotes, Dingo or Dhole) is also biologically not a true hybrid breed. But in this article I am considering differentiation for term “Hybrid” with breeding between the subspecies of dogs (Separating the Cross-breed or mixed-breed, designer dogs). Considered hybrid breed for

Cross between “Dog and Wolf” – Wolfdog
Cross between “Dog and coyote” – Coydog
Cross between “Dog and jackal” – Jackal Hybrid
Cross between “Dog and Dingo” - Dingo Hybrid
Cross between “Dog and Dhole” – Pi Dhole Dog (Unconfirmed)
Cross between “Dog and Fox” – Dox (Unconfirmed)

1: Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog is a moderately new dog breed, created from Czechoslovakia and recognized since 1989. This is a Hybrid dog breed, created by breeding between German Shepherd Dogs and Carpethian wolf and also known as Slovak Wolfdog, Czech Wolfdog, Ceskoslovensky Vlcak. This dog is well appreciated for its exceptional qualities, like it can run 62 miles (100 kilometers) and has a great sense of direction and quick reaction speed.

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog
Czechoslovakian Wolfdog | Source

Breed Info.

Hybrid Between: Dog and Wolf (German Shepherd dogs and Carpethian Wolves)..
Recognized: Since 1989
Developed By: Ing. Karel Hartl.
Origin: Czechoslovakia


Height: Male: Male: 26 kg (Adult), Female: 20 kg (Adult)
Weight: Male, around 26-28 inches (65 cm) and Female approx. 24 inches (60 cm)
Life Expectancy: 12-16 years

2: Saarloos Wolfhound

In 1921, Dutch breeder "Leendert Saarloos" started breeding between a German shepherd male dog and European she wolf. His aim was to create a healthy and sturdy dog breed.
In 1962 Mr. Saarloos chose 3 pups along with an another she-wolf, for further breeding. But Mr. Saarloos died in 1969 and after his death this breed got first recognized by the national kennel of the Netherlands in 1975. And later in 1981 this breed got FCI registration in the working category of dogs.

Saarloos wolfhound
Saarloos wolfhound | Source

Breed Info,

Hybrid: Dog and Wolf [Canadian Timber Wolf and German Shepherd Dog].
Breed Founder: A Dutch breeder, Leendert Saarloos.
Origin: Netherlands
Recognition: Foundation of new breed started since 1921 and got recognition by Netherlands Kennel Club in 1975 and got FCI recognition in 1981.

Physical Traits

Height: Male: 65–75 cm, Female: 60–70 cm
Weight: Male: 36–41 kg, Female: 36–41 kg
Life Expectancy: 10-12 years

3: Northern Inuit Dog (Utonagan)

Edwina Harrison from created The Utonagan (Northern Inuit) dog breed in 1987, in England. She need a wolf looking domestic faithful, companion dog and decided to create a new breed. To create this breed she used an original hybrid wolf-dog and breaded with a German shepherd, Siberian husky and Alaskan Malamute. Though this breed grown popularity and earned good reputation, but yet not recognised by the major kennel clubs.

Northern Inuit Dog (Utonagan)
Northern Inuit Dog (Utonagan) | Source


Hybrid: Dog and Wolfdog (Original hybrid wolf-dog mixed with German Shepherd, Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute).
Breed Founder: Edwina Harrison, in 1987.
Origin: England.
Recognition: Not yet recognized by major kennel clubs. .


Height: Approx. 60– 71 cm
Weight: Male: 36 – 50 kg (Adult), Female: 25 – 38 kg (Adult)
Life Expectancy: NA

4: American Alsatian

In 1969 Lois Denny found a cross-breed German shepherd dog, at her young age of 9 years and gave her an idea to create a new breed of dog. She started breeding and training pets at her early age and at her age of 30 years, she had a rich experience of hundreds of breeds to whom she bred, groomed and trained. She spends sufficient time to study and researched about her passion for, canids coat colors, density, eye shapes, mutations, and albinisms that helped her to create a new breed. And First official pups were presented in the year 2000. In 2010, the dog’s name was formally changed to American Alsatian.

American Alsatian
American Alsatian | Source


Hybrid: Dog and Wolf, [ Hybrid between Dire wolf and five purebred dogs within its lines: The Alaskan Malamute, the German Shepherd Dog, the Great Pyrenees, the Anatolian Shepherd, and the English Mastiff].
Breed Founder: By Lois Denny (Changed her name to Lois Schwarz, after her marriage), in 1988..
Origin: America.
Recognition: Introduced in 1967 and in 1988 first dog of this breed was registeredwith United States by the North American Shepalute Club. In 2010 this breed got listed with National American Alsatian Club.


Height: Males 25 - 28 inches (63.5 - 71 cm), Females 24 - 27 inches (61 - 68.5 cm).
Weight: Males 79 - 120 pounds (36 - 55 kg), Females 75 - 100 pounds (34 - 45 kg)
Life Expectancy: 12-14 years.

5: Australian Kelpie

The Australian Kelpie is a hybrid between an Australian Dingo and an Australian sheepdog. This a medium sized, sturdy, intelligent and self-dependent working category dog that comes in a variety of colours. The breed standards for Australian Kelpies was set in 1904 by “Robert Lucian Stanislaus Kaleski”, Who was a self-taught writer, bushman, environmentalist and canine authority of New South Wales, Australia and he was also known for his role in breeding the Australian Cattle Dog.

Australian Kelpie Dog
Australian Kelpie Dog | Source


Hybrid: Dog and Dingo.
Breed Founder: By, Robert Kaleski in 1904.
Origin: Australia.
Recognition: The Kelpie is recognized by the United Kennel Club and the Canadian Kennel Club and they allow them to compete in official events but it's not recognised by the American Kennel Club.


Height: Male: 46–51 cm, Female: 43–48 cm.
Weight: Male: 14–21 kg, Female: 14–21 kg
Life Expectancy: 12-14 years.

6: Native American Indian Dog

The Native American Indian dog (NAID) is a medium sized, sturdy, self-caring dog that has been extremely high intelligence level and are well suitable for any extreme climate and need minimal grooming. This breed is highly trainable and eager to please its human companions. It is loyal and protective of its family. This dog breed was created by Native American by Mixing Indian primitive type dogs with coyote and after years and multi generation crosses, now they are well domesticated and an adorable dog breed. They are correspondingly being compared with Australian Border Coolies.

NAID (Native American Indian Dog)
NAID (Native American Indian Dog) | Source


Hybrid: Between Dog and Coyote. [The Indian Pariah or Premitive type dogs that were bred by Native Americans as a cross between the native Coyote ].
Breed Founder: NA (By, Native American).
Origin: America.
Recognition: The NAID is nationally recognized and registered since 1990 and exhibiting traits the Native Americans admired in their ancestral dogs.


Height: Varies around 23 - 34 inches (58 - 67 cm).
Weight: Male: 55 - 120 pounds (25 - 55 kg).
Life Expectancy: 14 - 19 years.

7: Sulimov dog

This Hybrid dog is a unique breed from hybrid dog category, it’s a cross between domestic dogs and Golden jackal. Earlier also this hybrid was produced many times by natural contact between dog and jackal and is common mainly in India. The natural contact between golden jackals and dogs occurs in Africa, Asia, southeastern Europe.

The Sulimov, a breed of dog, is derived by crossing between Lapponian Herders and two Turkmen golden jackals. The purpose to create this breed was to create a sniffer dog for Russian Aeroflot airlines that can work at -50 to +50°C. The aim to create this breed is to work as a sniffer dog in Russia for Aeroflot airline security and to use them in airports to sniff for explosives and drugs. This breed was developed by Klim Sulimov, who was a Senior Research Assistant at the D.S. Likhachev Scientific Research Institute for Cultural Heritage and Environmental Protection.

Sulimov Dog
Sulimov Dog | Source

8: Wolamute (Alaskan Wolf Dog)

The Wolamute is a hybrid dog breed, developed by crossing between Alaskan malamute and Timber wolf (Also known as Gray Wolf). Though it’s getting popularity in USA and Canada and some breeders are attempting to make it a standard breed by multi-generation crosses. But this breed is not recognized by any major kennel club and this dog doesn't have any set breed standard.

Wolamute Wolfdog
Wolamute Wolfdog | Source

9: Coydog

A coydog is a hybrid between coyote and domestic dog and the natural contact between native primitive type dogs and coyotes. The best references can be taken from the time of European colonization of the Americas, where black shades of wolves and the coyote was inherited from dogs. The hybrids of both sexes are fertile, and can be successfully bred through four generations. But when talking about the specific Coydog breed then that must be well recognised and have defined breed standards.


Many different types of cyborgs are claimed where the most common coydog is the hybrid between a coyote and Heeler. The size, coat and behavior of coydog varies, depending upon the breed of dog they mated with. Usually small and big sized and short and long coated coydogs are claimed. But yet not accepted by any major kennel club.

Short Haired Coydog
Short Haired Coydog | Source

10: The Thai Bangkaew Dog

Bangkaew Dogs are the Naturally Hybrid dogs between Premitive type Asian Dog and Asian Jackal. This dog breed was originated from Premitive type Asian dog breed from the village Bangkaew of Thailand, located in the Bang Rakam District, Phitsanulok Province in the central region. This is an above medium sized dog and the combination of an athletic and powerful built which has longer double coat fur on their neck, chest and ear. Bangkaew Dogs are well-recognised and appreciated to be a loyal and protective family pet and an excellent watchdog.

Thai Bangkaev Dog (An Ancient Natural Jackal hybrid Dog Breed)
Thai Bangkaev Dog (An Ancient Natural Jackal hybrid Dog Breed) | Source


Hybrid: Between Dog and Jackal. [By natural cross between the Asian Pariah or Premitive type dog with Thai Jackal].
Breed Founder: Natural Breed.
Origin: Thailand.
Recognition: They are provisionally accepted but not recognized by any of major kennel club.


Height: Varies around 20 - 24 inches).
Weight: Around 20 - 32 kg.
Life Expectancy: 12+ years.

© 2016 ARADHYA


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