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11 Dogs That Groomed to look like Other Animals.

Updated on March 20, 2017

A trend to dye a dog to look like a wild animal was started from china. They started dyeing Golden retriever to give a look of a tiger. That experiment was successful and got great popularity. And later to that, they had another experiment, dyeing chow-chow and Sharpie dogs, to give them a look alike to Pandas. That was another big successful experiment, Panda dogs were the main attraction to Chines dog show at time, and shortly dog groomers and breeders adopted provisions of dyeing along with a haircut and shampoo, as a new trend, based on owners’ demand to make their pets uncommon stand out.

Extreme Dog Grooming.

1: Cheetah Dog

Cheetah Dog
Cheetah Dog | Source

Rare Dog Has Natural Coat Color Like Cheetah.

Natural Born Dog, From Indian Nepal Border.
Natural Born Dog, From Indian Nepal Border.

People are crazy to have a dog that looks like Cheetah, but unfortunately no any such dog breed is available. To accomplish their desires and to present the dog in dog shows, many owners and breeders are experimenting to paint the dog with cheetah spots and cotton pink fur. These dogs are getting huge attraction in dog shows and social and photographic profiles.

Dogs Dyed to Look Like Cheetah.

Cheetah and Dog Raised Together.

2: Tibetan Mastiff Dog Like a Lion

Tibetan Mastiff Dog Like Lion
Tibetan Mastiff Dog Like Lion

A Funny, Lion Prank

Tibetan mastiffs have a natural look like a Lion, they are big, strong and hairy dogs. They're furry and wide muzzle, and broad, hairy head provides an appearance like African lion. The costliest dog which has looked a like a lion was sold four million dollars. Breeders are brushing and scissoring them to give a fine touch that extant more adequate look like a Lion.

3: Chow-Chow Dog Groomed to Look Like a Lion

Dogs Like Lion
Dogs Like Lion

Chow-Chow dogs are another most preferred choice for groomers to groom a dog that look like a lion. Comparatively chow-chow dogs are smaller in size, but have broad muzzle and furry face, like Tibetan mastiffs that helps groomers to give them a lion like look. They are another most preferred dogs for breeders to groom like a lion, mainly they are very popular in China, Tibet and Taiwan.

4) Leonberger Dog Look Like Lion

Leonberger Dog Look Like Lion
Leonberger Dog Look Like Lion

Which Dog Breed has most alike look for a Lion?

See results

5: Bedlington Terrier Dogs Like Sheep


The Bedlington terrier is a breed of small dog from Bedlington, Northumberland in North East England. That has a natural look like a sheep or cub. They make a loyal, alert and intelligent and lively pet. Breeders need very less grooming or simple trimming to give them a look like Sheep.

Bedlington Terrier Dog Vs Sheep

6: Dog Groomed to Look Like a Camel


A Poodle dog was groomed to look like a camel. The dog was one among the most appreciated extremely groomed dogs for the dog show contest, And the winner of "Strange dog grooming contest, for it's look like a Camel".

7: Dogs like Panda


Panda dogs were presented in dog show in China and they got huge attraction and popularity, their popularity started a new trend of Dyed or painted dog. Chow-chow dogs were dyed to look like a Panda but at a first look you can confuse, if its a hybrid breed created by mixing Panda and a dog or a strange rare born animal.


8: Tiger Dog


Tiger dogs are not naturally occurring. They are Golden Retrievers that are painted or dyed to look like tigers. The trend to paint dogs began in China and has since spread to the West. Dogs painted to look like tigers and panda bears are now received positively in dog shows, but still many think it’s not a good practice to paint animals and shouldn’t be encouraged.

Tiger Dog Vs Tiger


9: Zebra Dog


Like Panda or Tiger dogs Zebra dog is also not a naturally occurring or a result of grooming for specific breeds. Breeders and owners are Dyeing their pets (any medium or large size dog) to look like zebra or white tiger. Dogs are getting good attention because of their rare and attractive look.

Zebra Dog Vs Zebra


10: Dog Like a Fox.

Dog Like Fox.
Dog Like Fox. | Source

You can find many dogs that have a natural look like a fox. But who have, already a dog that looks somehow like a fox, they are interested to turn their dog to look like a fox. Simple Dyeing and coloring can help them to look like a fox. That’s an easy alternative to have a dog like a fox.

11: Dog Like Skunk

Dog look Like Skunk
Dog look Like Skunk

Like Fox dogs, some dogs are coloured to look like a Skunk, Skunks are one of the rare animals who have ability to spray a liquid with a strong odor. They use spray for defence and have ability to sprayed more than fifteen feet. Usually mongrel dog owners, who like to give a decent look to their pets, getting an easy alternative to go with these grooming approaches and get attention.

© 2015 ARADHYA


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