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Top 10 Trending Cat Videos of 2015: These funny cats!!

Updated on January 10, 2015
funny cat videos
funny cat videos

What's in this cats video list?

So, I have collected top trending cat videos of 2015. These videos are getting so popular on this viral streams. If you watch cat videos, no surprise that you have had already come across these videos already.

Get 30-50 minutes to watch these or bookmark this page and come later. Priceless cat actions in this page.

Just scroll down. Down. Down.

Top One: Dancing Cats

If a cat dance and you see it then, it makes your day! You got to be lucky to be here today. Just go LOL.

Top Two: This cat drinks!

Ugh! This drunken master is so popular for drinking than me. No surprise though.

Top Three: Ultimate compilation video. Love it!

I don't know about you but these cats made me 'oh, yuy, gosh'.

Top Four: Vines of Cats

OGM! I loved this video too. It's a vine. You will enjoy.

Top Five: Two Sweeties making sugar

A baby and a cat are friends to each other and you must be too stressed to laugh all the time. What say?

Top Six: Annoying cat owners

This tiger production is a creative crew. Annoying owner and you watching them.!!

Top Seven: Funny Cats collection Video

This must be number one. Haha, I watched twice. Loved it ya.

Top Eight: Cheezburg style vides

Failed to do. But succeeded in creating trends.

Top Nine: Another Trending compilation

If you have watched the above compilation video then you will like this too. No doubt they are in the top. Too funny cats.

Top Ten: Vines part 2

You don't need explaining to this video. Just watch.

Hope you enjoyed this list. I never wanted to keep them in order. They all have got silent humor to make your stomach hurt. You know what? Me and internet both are cat persons. I don't know why internet get too many cat videos. I think you all have got catty.

funny cat videos, cat videos
funny cat videos, cat videos

Are you a cat person?

Comment below.


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    • Dhanuat profile image

      Dhananjay 3 years ago from Bangaluru

      That's great . I love to be their servant too Kathleen Kerswig. I have one cat.

      I am glad you liked it.

    • profile image

      Kathleen Kerswig 3 years ago

      I am definitely a cat person. I could watch videos like this all day long! They have such distinct personalities. I have two cats living with me and I am basically their servant - but I love it. Thanks for a fun hub!