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Top 3 Best Bark Collars for Small Dogs

Updated on February 17, 2011
Best Dog Collars for Small Dogs
Best Dog Collars for Small Dogs

Barking is a very hard habit for a diligent dog to break.  Small dogs seem to be the biggest barkers since that's pretty much the best thing they go going for them.  Thankfully there are tools for us as humans to deter our small dogs from barking.  Here are the top 3 best bark collars for small dogs.

Spraysense Bark Collar for Small Dogs

The Spraysense bark collar is perfect for small dogs.  It sprays a small amount of citronella at the dog whenever they bark.  This collar is good for all dogs over 6 months and over 6lbs so it is very small dog friendly.  It is a very humane, just unpleasant for the dog.

If your small dog doesn't respond to the citronella as you hoped you may want to try the PetSafe no-bark collar for small dogs. Your dog must be a little heavier for this bark collar and weigh at least 15 pounds. The collar is not meant to punish the dog, only train them with little harmless shocks to prevent barking. It is not meant for the dog to wear all the time just in small doses. It is waterproof so rainy and snowy days wont short it out or hurt your dog.

Another effective type of bark collar for small dogs is a remote controlled shock collar.  With a remote you can curb your dogs barking as well as using it to train other behaviors such as jumping or scratching.  It is a very similar collar to the above PetSafe collar just with the added functionality of a remote control.  This collar works best for small dogs between 15-40 pounds.


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