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Top 3 Coolest Dog Collars

Updated on November 20, 2010
Trendy Red Dog Collar
Trendy Red Dog Collar

Collars are not only neccessary for dogs to hold their owner's information in case they are lost but also serve as a means to show off the dog's or owner's personality. This may be flashy or quite simple but no matter what a dog needs a collar, so why not give your pet something both you and them will enjoy.

One of the coolest dog collars has to be one that is jeweled with Swarovski crystal. This collar is sure to give your dog some clout around the neighborhood dog park. It has 122 genuine crystals and is perfect for a female dog or maybe a very effeminate male if it fits his personality.  The collar also has rustless hardware so that the dog collar stays shiny as long as your dog wears it.

Maybe your four legged friend is not into all those sparkles and wants something a little more dapper and yet classic. The houndstooth collar would be perfect for your hound then. It says "I want to show off my style, but not too much show."  The collar is American made and features a quick release clip for removing the collar so that your dog may have a free naked neck if the mood strikes them.

If your dog just doesn't like the current fashion trends and is really just into sitting on the couch and watching sports all afternoon while munching down kibble and barking at the referees then your dog would definitely like a collar adorned with their favorite sports team.  Pretty much any team is available for any sport.

Whatever your dog's personality there is definitely a collar to match.  You will probably also want a leash if you take your dog for a walk but I'll save those for a different day.


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    • profile image

      Nicole 7 years ago

      I think collars can really make any dog stand-out especially when you take her to parks or the malls :)