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Top 5 Best Dog Training Tips

Updated on January 26, 2010

Dog training is almost entirely about the approach you take to it. If you spend the necessary time and take the right steps with your dog, you can ensure that the training goes as well as possible and that by the time your dog is an adult, he or she is a pleasure to be around.

There are numerous techniques and tricks to success in dog training. Here are a few of the better ones.

1. Reward The Pooch In Dog Training

Always reward good behavior and never ignore it. In dog training there should be nothing more exciting than when your dog does something properly or is good. These shouldn't be simply accepted and ignored. Reward them and you'll not only grow the bond between you and your dog but it tells them they've done something right. It also helps in keeping away from punishment which is largely ineffective.

If you give them a treat every time they potty outside but never when they go inside, eventually they'll associate going outside as a good thing for them. That's the kind of relationship you want to develop.

 2. Timing Is Everything In Dog Training

You must be very quick with rewards and the occasional punishment. If you wait for any reason, you'll only defeat the purpose of dog training, confusing your dog in the process. Give a treat immediately when rewarding your dog. If any time has passed, you're only going to confuse them. Similarly, if you get home and find that your puppy has done something wrong, punishment does no good. It's been too long and they won't put two and two together that way.

3. Dog Training: Establish & Break Patterns

If you see your dog repeatedly doing the same thing wrong, just continue interrupting it. Eventually you'll change their behavior and do away with the negative acts. It's a matter of being consistent, recognizing those bad patterns and replacing them with new patterns. For example, when potty training your dog, take them outside every time it look looks like they have to go and they'll eventually want to go outside instead, out of habit.

4. Set Goals For Proper Dog Training

Always have a goal in mind when dog training. Never simply start training and see where it goes. Choose a particular goal for a given day and make sure you and your dog reach that goal by the time you're finished training. Don't attempt to do more than your goal either.

5. Patience & Consistency Are Key When You're Dog Training

Stay calm and don't get angry. When you start yelling or getting impatient your dog will sense it. If you start to become angry, stop training and come back to it at another time when you have more patience. Your dog will read your emotions and get frustrated right along with you, defeating the point of dog training in the first place.

Don't fake it either. You must remain consistent by keeping the same schedule, using the same commands and following up on your training repeatedly. When you start breaking or stopping, you're only asking for your dog to become confused and stop listening to you.


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    • profile image

      dog training tools 7 years ago

      Nice article. I have to agree that the #1 tip would be to reward the dog. You reward a dog for good behavior and it makes life much easier. I like your tip on timing to, so many people don't understand that concept and need to work on it.