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Top 5 Most Adorable Cat Breeds

Updated on August 13, 2014

With 8.5 million pet cats in the UK accounting for 19% of households, cats are one of Britain’s most popular and loved pets, and this is true throughout most of the western world.

There are many beautiful cat breeds, and in this article are the top 5 most adorable.

Let’s begin with the Bengal Cat!

The Bengal Cat

The Bengal cat is actually a hybrid; it comes from crossing a domestic feline cat with an Asian Leopard Cat, but must be of four generations or more from the Asian Leopard cat to be classed as a Bengal.

It doesn’t take much explaining to convey how adorable this cat is, it’s essentially a tiny Big Cat, a tiny leopard, who wouldn’t want a tiny leopard? But do they make good pets?

They are very playful and active, sometimes bordering on mischievous and boisterous. They also some very adorable traits such as their love for playing with water; they can be found amusing themselves playing water running from a tap for hours.

Another interesting thing to note is that many Bengal owners describe them as having a ‘dog-like’ personality, with behaviours like greeting you at the door, and following you from room to room.

Scottish Fold - Adorable or what?
Scottish Fold - Adorable or what?

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The Scottish Fold

The Scottish fold cat has a dominant genetic mutation that causes its ear cartilage to contain a fold, creating the very adorable folded ears look. Scottish fold kittens are born with straight ears and at about 3 or 4 weeks old they start to fold leading to these adorable little cats!

Why they are adorable and why they make good pets?

Firstly, look at them! Seriously just look at they’re cute fury perfectness! Secondly; they are pretty much the perfect pet because of undemanding they are. They have a very quiet demeanour and are happy alone or in a room full of noisy people, put simply, they’re always happy; their own requirements are a safe cleanly environment and lots of love and affection! They also have tiny voices and are not very vocal, more of the cute silent type.

The only con I can think of is that they can be difficult to attain because the demand is much higher than supply of these cats, and they are also not guaranteed to have folded ears, because of the nature of the mutation, so chances are if they don’t have folded ears by the time they are 16 weeks old, they never will.

Some adorable ‘raggie’ traits as told by owners:

  • ‘They make excellent hot water bottles, even in summer’
  • ‘Raggies do not scratch – I am walking proof’
  • ‘Once you have acquired comfy seat on sofa to watch movie, ALWAYS ensure you have enough drink and snacks to get you through or you WILL lose your warm comfy seat to said Raggie’
  • ‘That those big blue eyes really can get whatever they want.’, and finally
  • ‘The mouse cursor must be chased!’

Ragdoll Cat

The Ragdoll cat, nicknamed ‘raggies’, is arguably the prettiest cat on this list with its large blue eyes and gorgeous two tone coat. One incredibly adorable trait is also the reason it has its name; when you pick it up it often becomes limp and docile like a ragdoll. They are large and muscular with a longish soft and silky coat.

As you can imagine, one con of this cat breed is shedding, wearing black clothes might be a thing of the past if you chose this breed!

Siamese Cat

The oriental cat that is one of the most popular breeds in Europe and the US because of its beautiful and elegant look, it has almond shaped eyes, a triangular shaped face and a long, slender body. This look is revered today, but this wasn’t always the case; when Siamese cats first came to England in 1871 they were described as 'an unnatural nightmare kind of cat' because of their strange colouring.

They are described as social, intelligent and very playful, and can even be known to play ‘fetch’, very adorable! An interesting fact to note about Siamese cats is that the darker areas of fur isn’t simply due to genetics, it’s actually due to body temperature, which is why the darker patches of fur surround it’s extremities such as nose, paws and tail, which are typically cooler. Don’t try this at home, but this theoretically means that if you were to put one in a fridge it would become a much darker colour, let me just repeat; do not try this at home!

One very adorable trait they have is that they become very attached to their ‘favourite person’ and become lonely if you’re not around, so lots of attention is required!

Maine Coon Cat

This cat is very adorable with its long, silky, shaggy coat on its body and short hair on the head, and a distinctive ‘m’ on its forehead. They are very playful; having originated from hunting cats they always love to play outdoors and chase things! Its tail is called ‘the tail with a cat on the end’, it’s at least as long as its body so it can wrap it around its body to keep warm! Very adorable!

They are also very large cats, the gentle giants of the domestic cat world, and take 3 or 4 years to grow fully! If you do have one though, be sure to check out cat condos for large cats so yours doesn't get stuck!

Another very adorable trait is that instead of ‘meowing’ it ‘chirps’, other adorable traits include hiding in weird places, probably originating from its days in the barn and its doting affection for its owners.

I’m sure there any many other answers you as a reader will have to the question ‘what are the top 5 most adorable cats’ but these are what I consider the most adorable both for their looks and their adorable traits. If I had to pick one to have as a pet I would go for the Bengal, it’s beautiful, elegant, stunning and very affectionate and playful, what more can you ask for in a pet? For more cute cats, be sure to visit CuteCatStuff!

Now over to you - in your opinion, what is the most adorable breed of cat?


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