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Top 5 Rare Dog Breeds

Updated on April 22, 2015
If I asked you nicely for a treat could you say no to me? Ever?
If I asked you nicely for a treat could you say no to me? Ever? | Source

Our Topic is Rare Dog Breed, but First Let Us Say Something to You About Dogs and Baboons

In this hub we’ll talk about some of the rarest dog breeds, and you’ll also learn some interesting things about each of these breeds. Some of these dog breeds are often considered both rare and strange, but there aren't many things that are as strange as what we are about to share with you.

If you think you, a human being, are the only living thing that has dogs as pets – you are wrong. You’re probably wondering who or even what can provide care to dogs and love them as much as humans. We have one word for you – Baboons. Yes, Baboons keep dogs as their pets. Well, they have very practical reasons for welcoming dogs into their tribes. Namely, Baboons put their own safety and the safety of their little ones in dogs’ hands… well, paws.

A Great Job?

Let us tell you something: Baboons really want dogs as pets, because if there’s no other way, they’ll kidnap dogs. If there are dogs looking for a job, then protecting Baboons will be just the job for them. Paycheck: food and friendship. Not bad, right?

1. Otterhound

These two otterhounds seem to really be enjoying being photographed.
These two otterhounds seem to really be enjoying being photographed. | Source

Otterhounds Love Swimming

Originating from England, Otterhounds are one of the rarest dog breeds, and today there are less than a thousand Otterhounds. They are large dogs, and have a deep voice. They are friendly, and not exactly what you’d call a dangerous dog. As the name suggest, Otterhounds were trained to hunt otters. This dog breed is very easy to get along with, as Otterhounds are known to have lived with parrots, cats, horses, and even pigs.

Not only is this dog breed not picky when it comes to their ‘roommates’, but they are also very easy to entertain. If you want a dog that will always be ready to play, Otterhounds are really always ready for having a great time – only not with you. They are the happiest when they can organize their time the way they want, and they can play for hours, if not for day by themselves. One of the activities Otterhounds particularly enjoy is swimming due to their webbed feet, and thick, long fur.

2. Norwegian Lundehund

Where are my buddies?
Where are my buddies? | Source

Super Dogs

Second on our list of the rarest dog breeds is Norwegian Lundehund. These dogs are sometimes referred to as super dogs due to their flexible bodies. They have six toes on each foot, which allows them to climb rough surfaces. If you have a cat stuck on a tree, you can send Norwegian Lundehund to help your cat get off the tree. No need to call firemen. Their shoulder joints are very flexible, and their neck joints allow them to turn their head backwards.

Norwegian Lundehunds love to play, and they are also very sociable. However, they need to be properly introduced to new people. Once they get to know their new human friends, they’ll have no trouble expressing their affection to them. Indoors or outdoors – this dog breed will always find something fun, and play until they’re completely exhausted. They love company, so if you already have a dog, there’s nothing to worry about. Norwegian Lundehunds love living in a pack.

3. Hovawart

I like to sleep outdoors.
I like to sleep outdoors. | Source

Trained to Protect

Next on our list of rare dog breeds are Hovawarts: tall dogs, perfect pets for families, and overall very intelligent dogs. Their coat can be black, blond, or black and gold. When translated from German, Hovawart means watchman of the farm. They are born and trained to protect their owners, as well as their homes.

When it comes to training this dog breed, they require a bit more time and patience than other dog breeds. Hovawarts are very loyal dogs, and their owners can sleep safely and soundly knowing their beloved pet will watch over them. What’s more, owners of Hovawarts won’t ever have to worry about their dogs wandering away, as this dog breed is known for being very territorial.

So, what do they like the most? They like cold climate, sleeping outdoors, and lots and lots of exercise. Be sure you have some good dog toys for your Hovawart. As we've mentioned, they need a lot of exercise.

4. Catahoula Leopard Dog

I'll judge your character in under a minute. You better be a good person!
I'll judge your character in under a minute. You better be a good person! | Source

First Dog Breed in the USA

Catahoula Leopard Dog is believed to be the first dog breed in the USA. This breed was trained to hunt hogs, and it's known for its coat which has very unusual colors. Catahoula Leopard dog weight varies: they can weigh from 55 to 100 pounds.

When it comes to friendliness, this rare dog breed is not as friendly as other dog breeds. They are very reserved when introduced to strangers, and can be very dominant with other dogs. They are also not very adaptable to other pets living in the same home.

However, Catahoulas are known to be calm, and they have very good instincts when it comes to determining people’s characters. If your Catahoula doesn’t like someone, they won’t let them anywhere near you. So, you will always have a good night’s sleep knowing your loyal furry friend is making sure you’re safe. Who knows, maybe his exceptional skills for judging people’s characters might help you find out who your real friends are, and who you should stop hanging out.

5. New Guinea Singing Dog

What's the name of that song? Can't remember it...
What's the name of that song? Can't remember it... | Source

Dogs That Love Singing

When it comes to world’s rarest dog breeds, New Guinea Singing Dog deserves a number one spot on our list. Namely, there’re only two photographic evidences that this breed still exists.

What’s really interesting about New Guinea Singing dogs is that they have great singing abilities, as the name suggests. What’s more, each dog belonging to this breed has a unique voice. Aside from this, New Guinea Singing dogs have a flexible spine, which makes it easy for them to slip through a fence. Walking them on a leash is not that easy too, as they can take it off in a matter of seconds.

These incredible dogs live up to 18 years, they have very little health problems, and they are very easy to take care of.

Some Dog Breeds Are Really Rare

Take good care of us!
Take good care of us! | Source

Rare Breeds: Familiar with Them or Not?

For how many of these rare dog breeds have you've already heard off?

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More Rare Dog Breeds

This Is All For Now

These have been our top 5 rarest dog breeds in the world. We hope you've learned some new and interesting things about our adorable furry companions.


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