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Top 5 Scariest Animals to Work With

Updated on October 12, 2012

Angry Cat At The Vet

Every Vet Tech's Worst Nightmare

So Halloween is just around the corner. I'd like to share with you my list of the scariest animals to work with in an animal hospital setting. Some of the creatures on the list may have you surprised! Don't let cute looks fool you, these animals are not so nice at the vet's office!


Cats? Really? OK, not all cats are evil, some are extremely well behaved patients. But there are some who are ready to attack any vet technician that crosses their path. With razor sharp teeth and claws, these furry beasts can be very threatening when angry. And even if they are just making noise and have no intention of making a move, they can still be frightening. Cat bites can cause serious infection. Their teeth are long and sharp, pushing bacteria deep into the skin.

Cats are generally pretty easy to read, and therefore a technician can tell when the cat does not want to be handled. Sometimes they act out without warning though, so it's usually best to handle them with caution. Don't get me wrong, I love kitties, but they certainly do have a feisty side.

Large Parrots

Macaws, Amazons, African Greys, Cockatoos, and more. These birds have some very powerful beaks and claws. Just looking at the beak of a large angry parrot would make me nervous. Some birds are very nice and don't give the vet and her staff much trouble. Others simply refuse to be handled. It takes stealth to get a parrot in hand and ready to examine. When you do get them in hand, some refuse to hold still.

As a technician, it's your job to make sure they don't bite the veterinarian. That in itself adds to the nerves. I prided myself at being very good handling bird patients. It took a lot of practice, time, and understanding, but I got there.

Prarie Dogs

I know what you're thinking... is that even a pet? Yes, they are. I thought the same thing when one first came into the office. They are awfully cute little furballs. At the vet though, most are not so eager to be handled. This is one of the few animals we broke out the leather gloves for. They simply went wild and were very hard to get a good hold of. These guys have earned their spot on the scariest animals list!


I will admit that even I don't think squirrels should be kept as pets. On occasion, someone would have a squirrel as a pet, but usually only because they rescued it as a baby and it could not return to the wild due to a condition. The reason squirrels are on my scariest animals list is because they are wild! They are fast and very good at escaping. They have very sharp claws and are unpredictable.

I did meet one nice squirrel. He would actually let me pet him. He did become rather upset by me trying to take an x-ray of him though.

Sugar Glider Crabbing

Sugar Gliders

Sugar gliders are cute little rodents with big, beady eyes. They are usually very attached and sweet to their owners. Unfortunately, I have to put these guys as the number one scariest animal to work with at an animal hospital.

They are hard to hold because they are so small and need a firm grip because they will bite you. One of the scariest parts of restraining a sugar glider is the noise that they make. This noise is called "crabbing" and it's a very strange and loud noise that sounds something like a swarm of bees. They make this noise when they are not happy. They also have very long and sharp teeth that they use to chew holes in trees to get sap out of in the wild. Fortunately, I have never been bitten by one. After seeing their teeth once, I was scared enough not to let them bite me.

Scary Animals Have a Nice Side Too

Many of these animals make great pets, and I do not want to scare anyone out of getting one as a pet (except for maybe a squirrel). Veterinarians and technicians are seen as a threat to these animals and this makes them behave differently. Of course, veterinary staff is prepared for all of this and we understand that they are scared. They do not know that they are being helped. But, if you ever decide to work in an animal hospital, be weary of these top 5 scariest animals to handle!


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    • annstaub profile image

      Ann 4 years ago from Round Rock, TX

      MissDoolittle ~ Hehe, ah yes. Those ginger cats can be quite feisty! They are very cute though. I've owned some orange tabbies myself and know that they are sweethearts at home.

    • MissDoolittle profile image

      MissDoolittle 4 years ago from Sussex, UK

      It's funny because my ginger cat - he looks a little like the cat in the picture, was down at vets we used to go to as a "dangerous cat" - because he scratched the vet when he repeatedly tried to get him to come out of his box. Ever since, he is seen by 2-3 people all wearing gloves that go half way up their arms!

    • annstaub profile image

      Ann 4 years ago from Round Rock, TX

      Thanks for reading QudsiaP1. =)

    • QudsiaP1 profile image

      QudsiaP1 4 years ago

      I enjoyed reading your tongue and cheek humour. Well written. :)