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Top 5 Weirdest Sea Animals

Updated on February 27, 2018

New creatures are being discovered everyday. Some of them look quite normal, while others look like aliens. The sea is full of amazing animals, and the deeper you go into the abyss, the creepier the animals get. We're exploring the top five weirdest sea creatures.

The Pink See Through Fantasia

The pink see through fantasia is part of the sea cucumber family and was only discovered in 2007. The creature was found in the Celebes Sea at an amazing depth of approximately 2500 meters. This incredible creature can emit light when it feels threatened, and because of this feature the creature is known as a bioluminescent creature. As the name suggests, you can look through the body of the creature and see the intestines, anus, and mouth. There is unfortunately very little data on this creature since it is still a new, and rare creature.

The Armored Snail

The armored snail is quite extraordinary. It is found in hydrothermal vents where the underlying lava heats the water up to a staggering 750 degrees Fahrenheit. The armored snail has evolved to grow a shell made out of iron sulfide. The "foot" of the snail is also covered in iron plates, which is thought to be built by bacteria. The armored snail is accompanied by other snails and crabs. The armored snail can effectively protect itself against predators, since it has such a hard shell. It is thought that the bacteria inside the "foot" causes chemosynthesis. It basically means that the snail isn't actually eating any food, but is rather relying on the bacteria to keep itself alive.

Marrus Orthocanna

Marrus Orthocanna is part of the pelagic species, which is composed of an arrangement of zooids. It lives in the cold, deep waters of the Arctic, swimming independently. It is normally found at depths of between 200 and 800 meters. Marrus Orthocanna can grow up to seven meters long with its tentacles stretching another 50 centimeters on either side. Marrus Orthocanna uses its tentacles as a fishing line. When prey moves over their tentacles, Marrus Orthocanna uses it to ensnare them. Marrus Orthocanna is considered to be a carnivore who's diet consists of small crustaceans.

Psychrolutes Microporos

Psychrolutes microporos is also known as the Fathead. This strange looking fish lives in the abyssal zone, which is between 4000 and 6000 meters deep. It lacks nutrients and never receives any daylight. The fathead has a gelatinous body, which enables it to withstand the great pressures of the deep. There's very little known about the fathead. The fathead's habitat makes it very difficult to observe them, but it is thought that they are ambush predators. They will consume anything edible that comes within their reach.

Sea Angel

Sea angels are extremely small, swimming sea slugs. According to scientists, sea angels are close relatives to the normal garden slug. The largest sea angel ever found was only 5 cm long. They have translucent and gelatinous skin which are luminous. These creatures live in both the Arctic and North Atlantic seas, although we have to admit that they look otherworldly. Sea angels only eat sea butterflies and nothing else. According to researchers, they have no known predator since they produce a molecule called pteroenone. The "wings" of these creatures are actually their feet. Since the creature's body is transparent, you can see the heart of the creature.

That concludes our list of the top five weirdest sea creatures. Next time when you're out at the beach, remember there's some creepy looking animal lurking right under your feet.

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