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Top 5 Best Family Dogs

Updated on February 25, 2015
First daughter Malia Obama with family dog
First daughter Malia Obama with family dog

Finding the best family dog

Choosing the perfect family dog can be a challenge at best because not all families share the same needs or have the same interest. This is an important fact to keep in mind when searching for your perfect family pet. While dogs are a man’s best friend they can also bring headaches and financial strain if you are ill-prepared for their arrival. Make sure you choose a dog that you can afford to take care of and one that suits your family needs. For example, if you are a large family living in a rural area such as a farm with four young children, you may want a dog that is more suited for the outdoors with high energy, that is very playful, sweet and loving.

If you live in a more urban setting such as an apartment building and are a small family of three with only one child, you may want to go for a more low key dog, with less playfulness, preferably more quite who won’t disturb your neighbors with ongoing yapping. With that said, here are my suggestions for the perfect family dog. Below are the breeds that I find to be the best suited for families in general. Please choose wisely and happy dog searching!

price range: $500 to $1000
price range: $500 to $1000

#1 The Beagle

When we think of this particular breed of dogs, we often determined them to be kind, adorable and most of all happy go lucky animals, which makes them the ideal pet for any large family with children. Admittedly, there aren't the most brilliants breeds so house training may take a little while but their many wholesome attributes such as their well behave manner around young children and their loving nature makes them naturally a great pet.

#2 Basset Hound

What is there not to love about the Basset Hound? If you’re looking for a quite dog with not much high energy, lovable, adorable and less messy, the basset hound would make an ideal choice of a pet for a family that is often busy. We all hate the hassle of cleaning up poop, brushing and constant exercising of our dogs so if you want to avoid all of those nuisances, chose the basset hound!

These dogs are more prone to the couch, patio and fireplace than they are to the outdoors. In their younger years they are a bit more active, but as they grow, they become as active as a turtle looking for something to get into. (LoL), they will save you lots of time. Basset hounds are extremely loyal to their owners and are very intelligent and protective. When walking them occasionally you must always keep them on a leash because they tend to chase potential preys and are very scent prone animals. Also be mindful of their health by taking them to veterinarian, they are prone to some health issues.

price range: $400-$1000
price range: $400-$1000

#3 Labrador Retrievers

When it comes to high energy pets, labrador retrievers are at the top of the list. They are excellent playmates to children of all ages. They are also good hunting and fishing dogs, so if you live in a rural area, they would be a great choice for your family activities.

Labrador retrievers tend to have very good health because of their hyperactive nature. These dogs require a lot of attention and love, so if you have a large family, Labrador retrievers are the way to go.

#4 Mixed Breeds

Though mixed breeds do not belong to any specific breed but rather a combination of various ones, they often make great family pets and tend to be more healthier than their full breed counterparts requiring less veterinarian visits. This means that your family will save a small fortune from less doctor visits.

Mixed breeds are also great with children and are excellent at dog sports. They are less desired dogs so adopting one can save a life.

price range $750- $2000
price range $750- $2000 | Source

#5 Chihuahuas

This particular breed can become very good apartment dogs because of their small size and loving nature. They are also great companion dogs as well and can be left alone for a little while.They make very good family pets especially for smaller families. Chihuahua's are okay with children but are not recommended for very young kids unless they are bought and raised with the family from the time they are a puppy. Babies love them.

This particular breed also requires a lot of attention and love. They can become very snappy when they are ignored. These little animals are extremely attached to their owners and don’t adapt well to strangers but they still love people and make awesome pets.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for taking the time to read this web article. I wish all my readers much success in finding your perfect pet. Please leave your comments below. I Iook forward to hearing from all of you. Good luck everyone.

Best C

A chihuahua and his baby friend

too cute video of Chihuahua dancing Salsa music


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    • wisdom25 profile image

      Maurice Wisdom Bishop 4 years ago from San Tan Valley

      Love your hub; especially the youtube Much love and respect.

    • Marble Sweets profile image

      Marble Sweets 5 years ago

      Love the photo of Obama's daughter walking with the First that has to be one pampered pooch!

    • Dexter Yarbrough profile image

      Dexter Yarbrough 5 years ago from United States

      Nice list! I would include Golden Retriever on my own. Dogs are wonderful! Voted up, up, up!

    • DrMark1961 profile image

      Dr Mark 5 years ago from The Beach of Brazil

      I like the suggestion on the mixed breeds but would not recommend the chihuahua for a family. They won´t eat your babies but might end up biting them!

    • Marble Sweets profile image

      Marble Sweets 5 years ago

      I have to tell you that I have a dog named Malone who is God's great gift to me! He is part Bassett Hound and part FoxHound; he is just so low-key, with amazing expressions and intelligence. He saved my life one day, but that's another story. Bassett Hounds generally don't bark a lot unless there's a specific reason to!

    • Cristale profile image

      Cristale 5 years ago from Florida

      Interesting, but I always worry about dogs eating babies. You hear it all the time on the news!