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Top Five Dog Breeds for the Lazy Owners

Updated on December 9, 2019
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Caitlyn loves animals of all species and sizes. Yes, that includes creepy-crawly bugs and snakes.

Dogs have been the loyal companion to humans for centuries, and they continue to do so today. With so many different lifestyles, it can be hard to choose the right companion. A person who loves fitness and going on hikes may not want to adopt a pug, for example, as their short legs and short snouts can make lengthy exercise difficult and even dangerous for them. Someone who loves to watch Netflix all day and who works at home may want to think twice about having a border collie in the home.

Every lifestyle can have a perfect companion. For the lazy person – someone who doesn't want to constantly walk their dog or worry about their belongings being chewed up because the dog is bored – there is a dog out there waiting to lounge around and take naps with them!

Note: All dogs need to be walked or let into a yard in order to use the bathroom. Regardless of how laid back and lazy a dog is, they all need some exercise as well. Even the ones on this list.

Five: Corgi

The Pembrook Welsh Corgi has become a favorite companion due to its size and being so family-friendly. Corgis have swept the internet as one of the cutest breeds around!

On top of that, these dogs are incredibly easy to care for. Due to their short legs, these dogs cannot sustain long periods of sustained exercise - such as hikes - which means they are low maintenance when it comes to activity.

Four: Miniature Pinscher

While the Doberman pinscher is a dog who needs a lot of exercise and attention, the mini version of these dogs actually would rather not do all that much. These small dogs tire quickly and don't need much aerobic exercise. Maybe throwing the ball every once in a while would make them happy, but they are just fine snoozing with their favorite human and going on walks around the block.

Three: Basset Hound

Hound dogs are known for three things: howling, hunting, and taking naps on the front porch in the sunlight. While these dogs like to get exercise and run around, they are just as content napping by the fireplace or in the lap of their owner. They don't really need much exercise to be happy, and with the shorter legs on a basset hound, it is better to stick to short walks.

Two: Yorkshire Terriers

A common feature on this list is dogs who have short legs. Short legs and small size limits how much activity these dogs can participate in, and many of these dogs prefer to laze around anyways.

The Yorkshire Terrier is a common breed for those who live in places without much running space. They are small and require very little in terms of exercise. Just a little walk, maybe a few minutes in a yard, and a toy or two to play with and they are happy as can be.

One: English Bulldogs

English Bulldogs are notoriously lazy dogs. Their shorn snout makes breathing for them difficult, which means strenuous exercise is out of the question for them. They still need regular exercise to avoid becoming overweight, but they are just fine with a little walk or some playtime in the yard. But they are most happy napping in their favorite bed!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Caitlyn Booth


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      The Little Shaman 

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      That would be me.


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