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5 things to know before building rabbit hutches

Updated on August 9, 2010

Rabbit Hutch

Think while constructing rabbit hutches for your pet rabbit

Just like you may think of every detail with much care when constructing your own house, so to you should think while constructing rabbit hutches for your pet rabbit or rabbits. Here are 5 things to be aware of before you build rabbit hutches so that your rabbit can be safe and comfortable in its new hutch.

It is imperative that you build your rabbit hutch only after you write down the correct measurements and make a list of the materials you will need. A wooden hutch will be the best pick because it is easy to build and can include washable vinyl flooring sheets for easy cleaning. You must stay away from chicken wire because rabbits may chew through it and injure themselves as well. The door of your hutch can be made from chew-proof coated wire. If you are constructing an outdoor hutch, it should be enclosed from 3 sides to protect it from the weather.

The size of the hutch is another important thing to consider. If you have adequate space and funds then you should certainly construct a bigger hutch because your rabbit can explore freely inside and you can add more rabbits later on without altering the hutch. Make sure that spaces between the wires are not big enough to allow snakes or other predators in the hutch, particularly if your yard has such visitors at night.

Your hutch should have 4 durable legs and the floor of the hutch should at least be one foot off the ground. If you have a wire floor then you should put a pan bellow it to collect the litter or use a brush to remove the litter that falls on the ground of your garden. Know that wire floors can harm your rabbit's hocks. You may also try moving the hutch to various parts of the yard so the rabbit can naturally fertilize the garden.

Rabbit Hutches with Different Style

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    • profile image

      rob H 2 years ago

      1: Careful planing,-Write down the measurements and create a list

      2: Size- The bigger the better for the bunny

      3:Keep it at least one foot off of the ground

      4: Construction: enclosed from three sides to protect from the weather

      5:Use of wire- Do not use chicken wire. Use chew proof coated wire with holes small enough to keep out predators like snakes

    • profile image

      Wyatt 4 years ago

      So what are the '5 Things'?

    • annegirl21 profile image

      annegirl21 7 years ago from Philippines


      I would like to share with you an information regarding rabbit hutches. As I love rabbits very much!