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Top Ten Christmas Gifts for Dogs

Updated on August 25, 2014
Merry Christmas Rusty
Merry Christmas Rusty

A top ten list made by the loving mother of a seven year old (but puppy at heart) toy and treat loving German Shepherd mix named Rusty, based on our personal experience...

10. Reflective Easy Walk Harness and Leash

As the days grow shorter and it starts getting dark earlier and earlier, many of us dog owners find that the only time to take the dog on his beloved walks might be before sunrise or after sunset. But trust me, your dog still wants to go! That's why I invested in the reflective Premier Easy Walk harness and leash set as a gift to my dog. So I would feel safe before light and after dark, and he could continue to go on his twice daily walks all year round. We already had the Premier Easy Walk Harness (the first harness I got for my big guy, as it works wonders in discouraging his tendency to pull on his leash) and I loved it, so the reflective version was a no brainer.

9. Kong Air Dog Tennis Balls

What dog doesn't love fetching tennis balls? These Air Dog Tennis Balls by Kong are our favorite because Rusty absolutely loves anything that squeaks and these balls have a squeaker built in! And we live in Oregon, so with our frequent rains we have to get replacements pretty often. This is another staple that I get for Rusty pretty much every Christmas.

8. Nylabone Wishbone Chew Toy

Nylabones are one of Rusty's favorites and something I do buy him all year round. They make a great Christmas gift for any dog who loves to chew - and what dog doesn't? Nylabones last Rusty for a very long time, and they're good for his teeth too! He has had many of the other shapes as well, but the wishbone is his favorite as the branched design makes it easy for him to hold steady with his paws while he chews.

7. Stuffing Free (or Low Stuffing) Dog Toy

Rusty loves stuffed animals, but the problem with normal ones is that in a matter of minutes he has them torn apart, to get to the tasty stuffing inside. He loves stuffing free and low stuffing animals just as much, but with the bonus for me that they actually last (and don't make nearly the mess)! Oh, and the best part is they have a squeaker inside, which as mentioned above, he absolutely loves. He gets one of these in his stocking pretty much every year.

6. A Warm Winter Sweater

This is the one thing on the list that Rusty doesn't have but I figured no Christmas list was complete without the obligatory Christmas sweater. On our end, Rusty is just too large and furry to wear a sweater. But for any owners of small/medium breeds a warm fuzzy sweater would be the perfect choice to help keep your little guy or girl warm through the winter.

5. Kyjen Hide-A-Squirrel Toy

This one first appealed to me after seeing the Rusty lay on our window seat raptly staring at the squirrels in our yard. Seems natural for a dog to play a game where the object is to chase down those pesky squirrels. This keeps Rusty occupied for hours (well, as long as I can stand it without getting bored of the game) and the best part, puzzle games like this are great for keeping his brain agile and healthy. The only caution is this is definitely one that requires supervised use, if I didn't watch Rusty with it I know he'd destroy the furry little squirrels in to time.

4. West Paw Design Dog Blanket

This blanket is so soft and great as the nights get colder! On really cold nights Rusty will take it to his bed with him, usually though we just keep in our couch for him to cuddle on during the day. As an added bonus, it helps keep our couch fur free, as he'll lie on his blanket instead of directly on the couch. For a smaller or not as long haired dog as Rusty though, a nice warm blanket is definitely something your dog may sleep with each and every night.

3. Kong Dog Toy

We LOVE Kongs in our house! The classic Kong is a great to have around any time I have to leave Rusty home alone. I stuff it with peanut butter and small bits of treats, and not only does it keep him occupied and entertained, it's great for his mental health, giving him great stimulation and challenge. If you already have the classic Kong try one of the other fun shapes for an added challenge. We have the Traxx and Rusty loves it, he'll be receiving his Goodie Bone this year. The black colored Kongs are designed for power chewers, like Rusty, so that's what we have. Red is great for those of you with more average chewers.

Rusty lounging on 'his' couch
Rusty lounging on 'his' couch

2. Orthopedic Dog Bed

I can't wait to give Rusty this bed for Christmas this year! Rusty's an active guy, but after a long day of playing lounging in his bed is one of his favorite activities. Lounging on our couch is one of his other favorites, so the first thing that attracted me to this bed is overstuffed bolster, which mimics the shape of the end spot on our couch - his favorite spot. The orthopedic is another plus and the reason I started shopping for a new bed for Rusty to begin with. He loves his old bed, but he's had it since we adopted him 2 years ago and especially now as he's reaching his middle age I want him to have the most comfortable bed possible. Oh and the removable cover is a must for me, as I can easily toss it in the washing machine weakly!

What's your dog's favorite type of Christmas gift?

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1. K9 Cakery Bone Shaped Cookie Cutters and You Bake 'em Dog Biscuits Cookbook

As a child one of my favorite parts of Christmas was smelling my mom's delicious homemade cookies baking in the oven. And now as a dog mom, I want to give the same joy to my baby during the holiday season! These cookie cutters come in multiple sizes and are easy to wash and I love using them to try out new recipes for homemade dog cookies. The 'You Bake 'em Dog Biscuits Cookbook' is one of my favorites, for its abundance of great tasting and healthy recipes.


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    • ShepherdLover profile image

      ShepherdLover 4 years ago from Portland, OR

      Thanks bodylevive! Not only do all the toys give our four-legged kids lots of fun things to do, but they help keep them out of trouble and out of our things as well - everyone wins :)

    • bodylevive profile image

      BODYLEVIVE 5 years ago from Alabama, USA

      Great hub with lots of good ideas. My husband ask me all the time why Eragon and Squeaky get so much to scatter over the house. I politely tell him so he'll have something to do. They're my kids and a mother does that.

    • ShepherdLover profile image

      ShepherdLover 5 years ago from Portland, OR

      Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

    • TheSituation profile image

      TheSituation 5 years ago

      This is a great list! Thank you for including the links to buy the items! GREAT HUB!