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Top Ten Dog Breeds

Updated on October 28, 2015
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For me this is the second act and I intend to make it a great one! Reinventing myself one day at a time.

The Pomeranian

Top Ten Dog Breeds of 2013

Are you a dog lover? Well, this article is about the top 10 dog breeds of 2013 (according to Google Search). Some of them are small and some of them are big, but they are all loveable and great to have around.

  1. The first breed that tops the list is the Bull Dog. The Bull Dog is an excellent family pet; they have a tendency to form strong bonds with people, especially children. They are gentle and protective; they require minimal grooming and exercise. The Bull Dog makes a great family companion, and weighs in between 40 to 50 pounds. During the summer months remember the Bull Dog is prone to overheating because of their short noses, so keep them inside or be sure to provide a shady place for them to rest.
  2. The Chihuahua is the second on the list; these are energetic, graceful, and very alert dogs with a sassy attitude. The Chihuahua is an intelligent and should never be underestimated because of their size. They come in all colors – solid, splashed, or marked with long or short hair. They can be great with children and make a great city dog. As for grooming they need very little especially the short haired ones.
  3. Number 3 on the list is the Poodle; they are very intelligent and loving. This breed tends to excel in obedience training. They come in an assortment of sizes and colors. This is an active dog that requires daily exercise, and grooming.
  4. Ah, the Golden Retriever ranks at number 4 this year. This is a wonderful, fun and loving dog that is great for the entire family. They are smart and eager to please; they also make great hunting partners and guide dogs. These dogs can range in color from light to dark gold. The Golden Retriever can adapt too many different living situations, but keep in mind they are energetic and need daily exercise.
  5. Number 5 on the list is the Pug; the Pug is an even tempered and playful dog. They are outgoing loving, and a great family dog. They are square and compact coming in several different colors. The Pug seems to do well in small apartments, because they need minimal exercise – adapt easily, and they need little grooming due to their short hair.
  6. Number 6 is my favorite the Pomeranian. These are wonderful, playful, and happy dogs. They tend to be a bit cocky, active, and outgoing. The Pom is a great companion, and show dog, this breed comes in a variety of colors and need to be groomed on a regular basis. It has been my experience that the Pom is very intelligent, loving, loyal and energetic. They require little in the way of exercise due to their small stature.
  7. The Shih Tzu is number 7 on the list for 2013. They are sturdy for a small dog, lively and loving companions. This breed is playful and sweet, but will not hesitate to stand up for its self. They come in a variety of colors and are very portable. These are great family pets and they require little in the way of exercise, but they need groomed on a regular basis.
  8. Number 8 is the Collie, made popular by the television show Lassie many years ago is still one of the most popular breeds around. They are a large and active dog that is loving and affectionate with humans. This breed is very graceful, elegant, intelligent, and makes a great family dog. They do require exercise, but are also good at relaxing. They need regular grooming, but they are noted for their lack of “dog” smell.
  9. Number 9 on the list is the Beagle. This is a wonderful dog, very sturdy and a great hunting dog. This breed has a happy personality, with a happy-go-lucky attitude and friendly disposition they make a great family dog. The beagle enjoys the company of humans and other dogs; they are curious and need daily activity.
  10. Number 10 on the list is the Maltese. The Maltese is a gentle and loving dog that can be very lively and playful; you may also find they are fearless. This breed is intelligent and small with a beautiful flowing coat that needs groomed on a regular basis, but for the most part they are very clean dogs.

Whatever dog breed you choose they all have something very special about them. As far as a dog is concerned I love them all without reservation, but I do have my personal favorites as most of us do.

Velzipmur aka Shelly Wyatt

The Bull Dog

The Golden Retriever

Unconditional Love

Over the years it has been my pleasure to interact and own several different breeds of dog including the loveable mutt. One thing all of them offer is unconditional love. For me there's nothing better than to look into the eyes of a dog and see the love shining back.

I have included a link for a book that will help you to understand the vaccination schedule for dogs and little bits of interesting information. For the Love of Small Dogs was written by me, using my years of experience and work with my local veterinarian.

About Dog Grooming


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