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Top Ten Interesting Facts About Monkeys

Updated on March 16, 2011

In the Great Ape Family there is monkeys, apes and humans. There are two distinct families in the hominid family. In the family Hylobatidae includes four genera and fourteen Lar Gibbon and the Siamang, these are known as the Lesser Great Apes. Hominidae family includes Chimpanzees, Gorilla, Humans and Orangutans which comprise the Great Apes. All but two of the ape family are agile climbers. Humans and gorillas aren't good climbers compared to the rest of the family. They are all omnivorous eating grass, fruits and even meat when they can catch it.

Africa and Asia is their native lands. There are two groups of monkeys, the Old World Monkey and the New World Monkey. Monkeys that live in the rainforest are becoming extinct due to lost of habitat. Monkeys as well as apes are rare or endangered due to loss of their land and because they are hunted for bush meat.

Monkeys live in family groups called "troops."

10 facts About Monkeys

  1. The South American Titi monkeys mate for life. This is rare in the primate kingdom.
  2. The Capuchins have learned how to use tools to benefit their lives. They use branches as clubs to kill snakes, smash nuts with rocks, insert twigs into crevices to capture termites and use leaves to protect their hands.
  3. Howler Monkeys can be heard from ten miles away.
  4. Europe was home for many monkeys, but the Barbary Macaque is the only free-ranging monkey left in Europe.
  5. Monkeys can't catch colds.
  6. When a male squirrel monkey shows his dominance over another, he urinates on lesser ranking members of the troop.
  7. Old World monkeys have 96 species.
  8. Monkeys use their voice, facial expressions and body language to talk to others in their troop.
  9. To a monkey, grooming another monkey is an expression of making peace or affection.
  10. Like us, monkeys peel the bananas they eat and then discard them.

Monkeys are Fun to Learn About

There are many fun facts about monkeys that will make you laugh, and more importantly, think. They are interesting animals and very similar to us. There are many fun facts about monkeys for kids that they would love to learn about.

Monkeys impress us with their intelligence, funny antics and are cute. They are devoted to their troop and have complex ways in dealing with problems that they face every day.


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