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Top Ten Male Dog Names

Updated on August 27, 2012

Male Dog Names

There are many names for boy dog names. You can name them after cities such as Denver, Prescott or London. You can name them after TV and movie stars such as Cruise, Pitt or Mr. T. You can name them after historical people such as Washington, Nero, Alexander. If you play online games and see a gamer that has a name that you like you can name your dog that. You can name your dog after famous movie dogs such as Tramp, Old Yeller, Lad or Beethoven.

There are many cool names that catch peoples attention such as Marcus, Ninja, Shogun, Vader, Simba, Taurus, Kahn or Sparky. Many have unique male dog names that catch your attention. Such as Atticus, Attila, Aries or Taco. You can give your dog a humorous name such as a small dog the name Killer and a large dog the name of mouse.

The name you give your dog reveals your personalty, so choose wisely. If you need some ideas for cute female dog names, check these out.

Ten Popular Male Dog Names

Max - To the Gaelic people his name means "Son of a wise leader. In Greek it means "the greatest".

Sam - Sam is short for Samuel. It's Hebrew in origin. It means "God heard". It may also mean "requested of God", "God's heart" or "God's name".

Buddy - Means a friend that you hang around with.

Jake - Short for Jacob and is given to a boy as an independent name.

Ben - This name is short form of Benjamin. It's a Hebrew word that means "son".

Duke - This is a Latin name meaning "leader".

Rocky - This name is German in origin and it means "One who gives rest". Think of "Rocky" played by Sylvester Stalone.

Toby - This name comes from Hebrew which means "God is good". Toby is the short form of Tobias.

Bailey - This is an Old English word which means "Berry clearing", "bailiff" or "city fortification".

Buster - This name is English in origin and means to "break out"

Have Fun Naming Your Male Dog

Whatever you name your male dog have fun looking over the many names. Name him for your personal tastes as well as his personality. Ryloh, Buckshot or Rosco are good names for a hound dog. Energy, Ratter, and Killer would be good names for a terrier. You can look through your dogs breed history and select a name from that.

If you can think of any good names, leave a comment!


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    • profile image

      Sheri 6 years ago

      My dog's names are Stan, Stanley when he's bad and Wendy. They are both Staffordshire Terriers, and are mean lickin' machines!!!!

    • Denise Handlon profile image

      Denise Handlon 6 years ago from North Carolina

      What? No snoopy or rex? We had a Sam once. Cute hub.