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Toucans: One of the Most Interesting and Amazing Birds

Updated on July 23, 2012

Impressive! That is the one word to use when talking about a Toucan. With it's around 7. 5-inch-long bill that both male and female toucans have and it's wonderful vibrant patterned beak colors and long tails, the toucan is a species unlike any other.


Toucan Species

There are at least 40 kinds of toucans in Latin America with six kinds being found in Costa Rica. These toucan species are: keel-billed, chestnut-mandibled, emerald toucanet, yellow-eared toucanet, collared aracari and the fiery-billed aracari. The chestnut-mandibled is the largest of toucons in the Costa Rica area.


Toucan's Diet

Toucans' use their long beaks and feathered tongues mainly for feeding on fruits such as papaya, cecropia, berries eggs, seeds, nuts and palm. They also supplement their diet with small bird hatchings, incest's and small reptiles.


Where to find them

They do most of their hunting in the middle of the forest layers going from branch to branch. If you take a trip through the Carara National park, Torgugero and Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica you are sure to have an adventure where you may spot some of these Toucans'' a beautiful and worthwhile sighting.


Mating & Offspring

When a Toucon finds his or her mate they stay with each other for long periods of time. A favorite game they play during mating is tossing berries back and forth to each other. They use their beaks to recognize another toucan. They dote on their mate and they feed each other with care. When the babies are hatched they both spend their time protecting, feeding and caring for their offspring. At six weeks or so the baby toucans' beaks are grown and they are strong enough to fly and the cycle ends. Typically toucans' at the least have one hatching a year.


Wings & Flying

Toucan's wingspan is about the length of their bodies. They are not very good at flying and tend to hop from branch to branch holding on with their claws and curved toe.


The Life of a Toucan

They stay in groups of around six birds. They live in holes in the trees and can roll themselves into balls to make themselves fit into the holes. Their life span is about twenty years and they are one of the nosiest birds in the world with mews, rattles, croaks, yelps and other sounds. Larger species can actually sing an array of musical calls in the morning time.


Enemies of Toucans

The Toucan has some natural enemies like the harpy eagle, jaguars and big cats. Man is also an enemy because many of these birds are captured to be sold for pets or mascots. A question arises asking if the toucan is an endangered species but it does not seem to have a very clean cut. The answers range from endangered, under review and to popular trend decreasing labels. There are many studies going on concerning the different verities of Toucans around trying to answer the question.


What Toucans are Associated with

Toucans in South America have been associated with incarnation of demons and have been associated with medicine men that can use them for incarnation to fly to the spirit world. Most people see toucans as rare exotic tropical birds that are a joy to watch and listen to.


See the Toucans of Costa Rica

Costa Rica has some of the most beautiful varieties of the toucan in their region. With everything else Costa Rica has to offer you can spend some time in the forests seeing these amazing and interesting creatures that will make you smile and will give you memories that you will never forget. Last Toucans do not like sugary cereal- it is not in their diet plan    

Birds of Paradise - Toucan



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      katie 5 years ago

      why is a toucans beak so long

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      Thank you very much Eiddwen, we appreciate your positive feedback! Sure you will also enjoy our other nature / animal hubs. Have a great day!

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      What a beautiful hub.

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